Mason Ryan Talks His WWE Release, Working With CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, If He Would Sign With TNA

There was no vignettes, I think it was pretty cool that they did what they did like that to just have me come from nowhere. It was kind of like no one really knew anything about me. I'd been down in FCW but no one really knew about Mason Ryan or anything about me. So just to come out like that and be the unknown and have that surprise aspect and kind of shock people was kind of a good way to it.

You spent time working with CM Punk, talk about what that was like as we always hear about how he strives for perfection while being a true professional at the same time.

Yeah, absolutely! There's not many guys like him around. To be under his wing and have him around lots of time as we traveled together, just to be around him was awesome. He's such a big star, just the way he carries himself and his matches. That was another huge thing as on the live events we got to be a ringside for a lot of these main events like with him and John Cena and stuff. We got to witness first hand as we had the best seats in the house watching, learning and seeing what these guys do and watching two people at the top of their of game. CM Punk is what what he puts out there, he is the best in the world, he's phenomenal in the ring and on the mic. To be around him and witness how he does stuff was—you don't get much of a better experience than that.

Being so young and new to the main roster did he offer you any career advice? Is so what?

Yeah, he was always great. A lot of times we'd drive together and stuff and he'd ask us if we had any questions like me, Joe, who's know Curtis Axel, Dave Otunga. We'd have other matches on the card and then he'd ask us how it went. Anytime we had any questions or sometimes he'd ask us if we had any questions for him, he always had time to answer questions and help us out which is great cause I'm sure he had a lot on his plate. Being a top guy in this business, there's a lot of demands and you're quite busy. So to have time for us all the time was really cool of him.

Fast forwarding a bit, what was the morale like from your stand point when CM Punk walked away from WWE earlier this year and do you genuinely feel Punk is done with the WWE for good or do you think he'll come back eventually. If not then do you seem him returning to the wrestling industry period?

Hard for me to say really because I was back with NXT at that point. I wasn't in the locker room so I can't really tell you the feeling or whatever. I don't know with this business it's impossible to work anything out because it's such an unpredictable business. I don't anyone would have thought he'd walk away to start off with if you asked two years ago. Who knows in two years time or two months time what can happen you know. I personally have no idea.

Now while being part of New Nexus you also had the opportunity to work alongside Husky Harris who would go on to become Bray Wyatt. Talk about what it was like working with him back then and the 180 he was able to make as Bray Wyatt. It's no secret that when Randy gave him that punt to the head a few years back to have him removed from TV he said to Vince he'd be back. Took him a hot minute but he came back and he came back in a big way.

I've known Bray a long time. He was there when I first got to FCW. I always got along great with him, he's a good guy. There was a group of us there that go out and have fun and he was one of those guys. I've known him a while and he's a really cool guy to be around. I remember when him and Curtis Axel debuted with New Nexus, that was quite crazy seeing what they were doing and then to put of it myself alongside him and that. That night when he got punted we really didn't know if that was the end for him or what ever. Turns out they didn't but he went away and reinvented himself like I don't think anyone has. To come back with the Bray Wyatt character that he has now which is phenomenal! To see the interviews he does, promos are unbelievable, they blow you away that there that good. Very cool to watch cause I came back down a little a bit after he was working on his character, just to see the development of it over months and months and what he put into it was really cool to see. He deserves all the success he gets.

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