Mason Ryan Talks His WWE Release, Working With CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, If He Would Sign With TNA

Did you ever think in a million years he'd go from that (Husky Harris) to where he is right now? That's a serious 180!

Yeah that's quite a u-turn isn't it? I don't think he himself expected that. I don't think there's any chance that when he got kicked in the head by Randy Orton that night that he'd come back and be Bray Wyatt. Have this cult following and be this mega star that he's going to see it from my viewpoint was just so cool because you get to see a little bit more. I was at WrestleMania this year and just to see him against John Cena — I can't remember who it was but I just turned to someone and said he's one of us and he's there. I was so happy to see him there.

It's no secret that when his contract was expiring back in 2011 WWE tried to do everything in it's power to keep him around but at the same time the New Nexus stable kind of took a bit of a backseat. You were injured right when it was starting to get good as eventually we saw New Nexus perish as Punk chased after the WWE championship. Looking back on your time with Nexus and looking at the Core stables do you feel WWE should've continued on with them or maybe unify the stables? Give both stables a proper sendoff?

I don't know. There was a few things going on at the time. Punk was our guy but he was involved in other angles. I guess it could have been a blow off but at the same time I always liked what we did. I always enjoyed the storylines and angles we were in. I can't really say too much because I always think that they (WWE creative) know what they are doing. I wouldn't say so to be honest.

From your time off due to injury to when you returned to in-ring action on Superstars and NXT, you've lost a lot of muscle mass in exchange for being more lean, and defined. How did you come about making that decision?

When I was on the main roster involved with Nexus I wasn't wrestling as much, it was a lot of bodyguard type stuff. I put quite a bit of size on, it was close to 300lbs or maybe a bit more at one point. I wasn't doing as much cardio and stuff like that. Then when I came back down I realized the size looked good but it wasn't that practical. I wanted to be more of an athlete and be able to move and be athletic rather than just a big, bulkie guy who couldn't move and just looked good. Still to this day I work on a lot on my athleticism, my agility, flexibility and all that stuff is important to me. It was a constant change in my part to improve myself. I kind of saw as well that times have changed these days. Obviously everything evolves and the product evolves, it's more of an athletic product these days. Just being big and immobile isn't suitable for today's product. I saw a need for change and I wanted to change myself for the better to make myself a better performer.

I'd be set of fire if I didn't ask you this question. I'm only asking this question to because we have some folks on social media, especially on YouTube that feel as though because they read the dirt sheets they know what happened with you and WWE parting ways and their making a quick buck off the situation as result of their speculation. If you could please, in your own words how and why did your release from WWE come about and most importantly was the door left opened for you to return down the road?

First and foremost I don't know if anyone follows me on Twitter but I released a statement saying I had four great years in the WWE. I'll be forever thankful for what they did to me. My experience in the last four years has been incredible. I'm just a small town boy from a little town in Wells, grew up there all my life. Just through luck got into wrestling and before I knew it I got a contract with the biggest wrestling company in the world and got to come over to America. I absolutely love it over it here. I'm very proud to be Welsh but this has become my second home and this is where I'll be living. I'm so thankful for that and to get the chance to entertain the audiences and be part of this great, great industry we love so much. To travel the world on top of that on their dime and get paid for it was just—sometimes when I think about how lucky I was it's just mind-blowing. I think it was just one of those things where I'd been there for four years and they didn't really have anything for me and couldn't see much for me at present. I left with the door wide open. I left with a lot of good relationships with everyone there as everyone was always so good to me. I have no reason not to leave that way. That was that and now I'm just concentrating on the future as all I can do is work hard and be me and try to be the best I can be and you know what? I'm looking forward to what the future holds and going down different avenues, trying different things, being part of the indie scene and hopefully traveling the world again and going to places I haven't been. Obviously I love the WWE dearly and I loved being part of it but now it's own to a new chapter.

We've seen The Wolves Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, Ethan Carter III aka Derick Bateman, Bram aka Kenneth Cameron, all NXT guys either released by WWE or not signed by WWE come to TNA Wrestling and been having success so far, more so than in WWE some could argue. If the opportunity presented itself would you consider working for TNA Wrestling or any other any major promotions?

Yeah well obviously I'm now a free agent. I'm going to be in this business, it ruins in my blood. I love it and I love being part of it so yeah I'm absolutely open to any offers. I have no idea what the future holds for me but like I said I'm a free agent right now.

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