Goldberg Talks Possible Return To The Ring, CM Punk, WWE Hall Of Fame, His Streak, WCW's Demise

Bill Goldberg recently spoke with Donald Wood and the folks at Ring Rust Radio. Below are some highlights:

Negative fan reaction for part-time wrestlers:

"Obviously in anybody's mind, any type of failure, whether it be to yourself or the fans or management, is something that you don't want to encounter and if you can keep yourself out of it then that's always a consideration if you're a smart person. How much that would play in my decision? Honestly, it wouldn't play very much because that's not why I would do it. At the end of the day, I would do it to invoke a positive response from my son and my wife. I'd love to be able to please the fans, so many of them that have asked me over the last 10 to 11 years to go back, I would obviously do it for them also. It's always a crap shoot. Whether you're away 10 years or you're away 10 minutes every single time I've looked at it, you're only as good as your next performance. So it would weigh in my mind but it wouldn't be a factor in my decision."

Who/What was responsible for WCW's demise:

"There's nobody you can point to single-handedly. First of all, it's hard for me to give an educated opinion because I was injured during that period of time and I was away from the normal day goings on of WCW. Now, when AOL and Time Warner merged, it was ultimately the demise of WCW as we know it I believe. I don't think it was something that they were heavily behind as far as programming is concerned by any stretch of the imagination and from what I remember, Ted Turner was on safari when the decision was made by the board to get rid of WCW. I think it starts at the top and when everybody feels that something is going awry, anxiety is at such a level that everybody just falls apart. It was a law-less society once it started going downhill and at that time, who was wanting to put forth the effort to save it? Obviously there were a lot of die-hards that wanted it saved and a lot of wresters that wanted it saved, I don't know anybody that didn't want it saved and to see it succeed except maybe the competition and the people who owned it. There was a lot of passion for it."

CM Punk leaving WWE:

"We're all individuals and we all live different ways, I do not know any of the back story, I don't know CM Punk but I can empathize and I can completely understand anyone who wouldn't like dealings that have transgressed throughout the years at the WWE."

His Streak Ending:

"From time to time I've shown displeasures to the way that it ended and Kevin was on the booking committee for a couple of weeks and it was just timing. I believe the creativity to keep it going could have happened, but I'll plead the fifth again and just say I'm a performer, not an entertainer in that I can take direction and go out and complete it but I can't develop the storyline. My job was not a booker by any stretch of the imagination and I try not to give my opinion as to who I think should've beaten me because I don't get into the storyline as much as the next guy. It was those guys' decision, they've been in the business, collectively, probably 100 years, so who am I to question that? As a human being you're always going to question things but it's not my place, I was just the talent. I wish Godzilla would've beaten me, or Big Foot, or something like that. I just think Scott Hall should've hit me with the taser that sticks in your chest from across the ring, but so be it."

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