TNA star Magnus has a new column in the latest issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine that has words for the online wrestling media. Magnus cites a rumor that said he lost the TNA World Heavyweight Title due to heat with TNA's John Gaburick. Below is an excerpt from the column, courtesy of Cageside Seats:

"Why do internet fans and gossip writers always have to find an ulterior motive for decisions? It baffles and frankly irritates the hell out of me that these people always have to assume the worst, and report it as fact. More needs to be done in both companies to combat internal sources talking to these parasites. I was asked by a promoter recently if I lost the title because there was heat between me and John Gaburick, our Executive VP of Talent and Creative. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, 'Big' and I are able to freely express ourselves to one another, which means we get to speaks our minds properly, and we've had that relationship since he first arrived in TNA.

"Furthermore, how ridiculous is that notion? Do you think if there was heat, that he would have put the title on me in the first place. On average, numbers went across the board while I had the strap. The job of the heel champion is to get the babyfaces over, and leave the place in a better state than he found it. Mission accomplished.

"I can't wait to sink my teeth into my next chapter."

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