Source: JR's BBQ

Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on Below are a few highlights:

Is there a disconnect between Dolph Ziggler and younger fans?

"I don't sense a disconnect but I respect your opinion. Ziggler gets on a roll and his world changes quickly for the better. I don't know why that hasn't occurred. It's rather obvious to me that Dolph Ziggler is one of the most under utilized WWE talents in recent years."

Pat Patterson's importance in WWE:

"For the lack of a better term Pat has been like an assistant head coach in WWE and has a brilliant mind for ring psychology and finishes especially in big bouts. Pat understand basic fundamentals as well as anyone I've been around. He is missed re: the day to day."

Adam Rose and Alicia Fox's gimmicks:

"I get and have enjoyed the Alicia Fox creative but I haven't related to the Adam Rose business but hope that he is successful. He can wrestle."

JR also answered questions on Bray Wyatt, talents getting credit for their in-ring work, "heel fans" and more.

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