Above is part 1 of Prince Devitt's interview with the Low Blows podcast. Devitt talked about never getting the chance to face Sheamus on the indie scene in Ireland:

"That whole 'this is our club and we don't work with you guys' (caused it). I think just as Sheamus and I left the scene the companies were starting to work together. But yeah, Sheamus put Irish wrestling on the map. I just had a chat with him last night, he's in good form. I was never aware of being an 'international hope', for me I was just happy to do what I was doing and still am. Obviously I would've loved to work with Sheamus but the opportunities never arose because of the divide there. It's sad but you can't change the past but ultimately I hope people can learn from it and change the future for the lads that are still wrestling now."

Devitt also talked about what other countries can learn from Japanese wrestling:

"The whole system in Japan is tailored towards respect. I think the way people are trained in the west, some people may get it too easy, whereas in Japan everyone comes through the exact same way and everyone has come through the hard way. If I look across the ring from a lad in Japan, I know exactly what he's been through to get there."

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