Video of MVP and crew and the destruction they have caused.

Bully Ray is on the mic talking about his obsession with.....

6 people with bulls eyes on their backs and he guarantees they are going through one the tables. He pulls the covers off banners with the names of the 6 going through a table.

Bobby Lashley first, then EC3 is next, Kenny King, MVP, Rockstar Spud, and that leaves the person everyone wants to see go through a table......Dixie Carter.

Bully says it's time to get a little crazy up in the IMPACT Zone and he starts inviting the entire locker room out and says whoever it is will be going through a table.

MVP is out with a mic and says he's not a man who responds very well to threats and that no one is going through a table tonight. He says Bully and MVP 1 on 1 will be no fun and out comes Lashley and King. As Bully is focused on them, EC3 comes out and blindsides Bully. Then it's 4 on 1 when Rockstar Spud also joins with a goofy looking blue suit on.

Spud tells EC3 to "Get The Tables" and they bring a table to the ring and set it up.
As the get ready to put Bully through the table out comes Eric Young, Austin Aries, and The Wolves to make the save.

Aries says the numbers game isn't happening tonight, and Bully tells MVP he can take Bully's chain and shove it up his a$$.

EY then puts Spud up on Bully's shoulders and Bully Bombs him through a table that has Spuds name on it. Bully reminds the other 5 what they have coming.

Good opening segment.

When we return there is the 6 man tag that was challenged during the opening segment.

MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King vs The Wolves and Austin Aries

Lashley and Aries going at it in the ring while The Wolves are taking it to MVP and King on the floor. All 6 men continue to brawl inside and outside the ring. Finally each person on MVP's team are dumped over the top rope. While on the floor we see The Wolves fly through the ropes and then Aries with a double sledge from the top onto Lashley as we go to another break.

When we return, we have a normal 6 man tag match going on with 1 on 1 in the ring.

MVP's team keeps Edwards separated from his corner for an extending time frame and barely escapes near falls. Aries tags in and has some temporary offense until Lashley hits him with a running power bomb.

Aries tags in Richards and he soars into King with a double foot stomp from the top rope. Quickly, Lashley hits a spear on Richard's injured mid section. MVP hits a knockout kick and pins Richards.

Winner of the match: MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley

Bram in the back talking to Magnus. He tells him that Bram has a match and Magnus will be out there with him. Magnus is going to see and feel the violence.

EC3 in the back talking to Dixie saying that he had a perfect plan and that EY, Aries, and The Wolves spoiled it. He then says MVP was no help.

Dixie says that she has important business with MVP tonight and that she needs EC3 focused.

Next match is Bram vs Tigre Uno

Magnus is at ringside to watch the violence and Bram starts it from the opening bell. Bram is fighting like a man possessed and is constantly screaming at Magnus and Tigre Uno.

Taz says, "look at Bram, you can just smell intense".

Bram nails a vicious DDT for the win, but he's not done. As Bram gets ready to go for more on Tigre Uno, Magnus grabs a mic and asks Bram what is wrong with him. Says Uno is only half of Bram's size.

Magnus says maybe Bram needs to prove himself against a worthy opponent, and just when it seems that Magnus will challenge Bram, Magnus says maybe Bram needs to prove himself to....... Willow.

Winner of the match - Bram

Brittany in the back saying she has a tag match against The Beautiful People and is looking for a partner.

The Bro Mans are in the ring and out comes Mr Anderson and Gunner as the opponents.

The Bro Mans take control from the beginning as Tenay and Taz talk about Samuel Shaw and Gunner wanting to help him out.

The Bro Mans keep Gunner from tagging Anderson for a while but when finally tagged in, Anderson takes charge and nails a Mic Check and Gunner hits a flying head butt and get the pin over the former tag champions.

Winners of the match - Gunner and Anderson

Next out is The Menagerie while The Bro Mans and DJ Z are still in the ring.

First out is Rebel followed by Crazy Steve, The Freak, and Knux. The Bro Mans looked totally freaked out in the ring as The Menagerie enter the ring area.

The four members of The Menagerie surround the 3 shocked opponents when The Bro Mans escape the ring. The Freak throws DJ Z face first to the mat as we go to break.

As we start hour two, Dixie comes to the ring and calls MVP down to finish their conversation that was started last week. MVP comes down with Lashley and King. Dixie, who has EC3 with her, says she can help MVP but MVP tells her that he and his guys have things under control.

Dixie says we can do things the easy way or the Dixie Carter way. She threatens MVP with going to the Board of Directors. MVP says bring it on.

Out comes Bully Ray and Eric Young.

EY says all 5 in the ring would look good going through a table.

MVP runs down Eric Young and reminds EY that MVP chose him as his patsy.

MVP then says that since Bully and EY have so much energy that they will face each other tonight with EC3 as the Special Guest Referee. Bully says he won't fight his friend. Dixie asks Bully if he is quitting then.

Bully says he will never quit and he is going to give the people what they want and that's the 5 people in the ring going through a table. He says he will make good on his promise one day or another.

The announcers say that the match is on - Bully vs EY or Bully gets fired.

It's going to be Brittany and Gail Kim vs The Beautiful People.

Video of Kurt Angle that ends with a personal message from The Olympic Gold Medalist saying that he is recovering well after his surgery 3 weeks ago. He thanks the fans for all of their support.

The Beautiful People vs Brittany and Gail Kim

As Brittany is introduced, Tenay and Taz talk about the Makeover that Brittany got last week from The Beautiful People. They also talk about how Madison turned down Brittany earlier in the night, but Gail Kim is always looking for a way to go after Angelina and Velvet.

Brittany and Angelina start out. They go back and forth until Brittany is talking to Gail and Angelina drops her to the mat and pulls her back to the corner of The Beautiful People.

Once again, it's "Stiffler" as the referee who is easily distracted by The Beautiful People.

Taz and Tenay talk about how Brittany needs to work harder to get her partner involved since she went to Gail and asked her to be her partner.

After a Russian Leg Sweep from Brittany on Velvet, Velvet is still able to keep the newcomer away from the corner. When Gail finally gets tagged in, she starts to clean house but Brittany tags herself back in and says I've got this.

As Stiffler is distracted, Angelina hits The Botox Injection on Brittany and The Beautiful People get the pin.

Winners of the Match - Angelina Love and Velvet Sky; The Beautiful People

Bully and EY talking in the back and Bully says that if he beats EY tonight, Bully becomes the #1 contender and they both wish each other good luck.

Back from the break, Brittany is still in the ring and calls out Madison. Madison comes out and Brittany wants to know why Madison refused to be Brittany's partner tonight. Madison says this whole situation is getting weird and that the issues that Madison has with The Beautiful People need to be between the three of them.

Brittany tells Madison that she just wants to be with her. Madison says that Brittany just crossed the line and that Brittany needs to keep her distance. Brittany goes crazy with the why don't you like me act.

Back out comes The Beautiful People and tell Brittany that she has met the real "Queen B" in Madison.

Madison reminds Angelina that she is due a rematch, and she will cash it in next week.

In the back EC3 is in his referee shirt while MVP tells him that just because he and Dixie has issues, that doesn't mean that they can't work together tonight, and that MVP and his goons will be watching close by.

As Christie Hemme starts to introduce the main event, out comes Kenny King to be the special guest announcer.

King introduces Bully first, then EY followed by the special guest referee EC3. King then says they need a special guest enforcer and that's Lashley.

Last but not least, the special guest time keeper is MVP. Have we seen this before somewhere?????

After all the shenanigans, EC3 finally has the bell rung, but won't get in the ring.

Taz calls this the Dog and Pony Show that MVP is putting on as EC3 finally gets in the ring.

Bully and EY go at it with moves like arm drags and hip tosses in a show of respect for each other. The two are spending more time watching the others at ringside than they are wrestling each other.

Bully is on the outside nose to nose with MVP but gets back in the ring and the two friends finally start exchanging blows. However, out of nowhere Bully nails EC3 with a boot to the face.

MVP, King, and Lashley then triple team Bully and EY. When it looks like Bully and EY are going to be totally beaten down, out comes Samoa Joe who nails King with a Muscle Buster.


Good ending to a strong show.

To Recap:

Bully promises to put Lashley, King, MVP, EC3, Spud and Dixie Carter all through a table at some point in time. First victim is Spud.

MVP, Lashley, and King vs The Wolves and Austin Aries with MVP getting the pin on Davey Richards.

Bram demolishes Tigre Uno and after the match, Magnus says that Bram needs to prove himself to ........ Willow.

Mr. Anderson and Gunner defeat The Bro Mans.

With The Bro Mans and DJ Z still in the ring, The Menagerie comes out and shocks the other three, with DJ Z getting planted face first by The Freak.

Dixie comes out and says she can help MVP, but MVP says that him and his goons have everything under control.

Bully and EY come out and MVP says since they have so much energy, they can fight each other tonight. Bully refuses and MVP says do it or be fired. Dixie backs MVP up.

The Beautiful People defeat Brittany and Gail Kim and then Brittany has a surprise for Madison after the match.

EY and Bully ends in a no contest and are being beaten down by MVP, Lashley and King when Samoa Joe makes his return and the save.

Solid show as TNA continues to build towards Slammiversary, and it was nice that they threw in some opposition against The MVP Gang.

Keep chiming in with your thoughts in the "Comments" section below. This is Ed Boston and I thank you for joining us again this week.

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