TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Samoa Joe Returns To Help Battle MVP's Gang

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Samoa Joe Returns To Help Battle MVP's Gang
Video of MVP and crew and the destruction they have caused.

Bully Ray is on the mic talking about his obsession with.....

6 people with bulls eyes on their backs and he guarantees they are going through one the tables. He pulls the covers off banners with the names of the 6 going through a table.

Bobby Lashley first, then EC3 is next, Kenny King, MVP, Rockstar Spud, and that leaves the person everyone wants to see go through a table......Dixie Carter.

Bully says it's time to get a little crazy up in the IMPACT Zone and he starts inviting the entire locker room out and says whoever it is will be going through a table.

MVP is out with a mic and says he's not a man who responds very well to threats and that no one is going through a table tonight. He says Bully and MVP 1 on 1 will be no fun and out comes Lashley and King. As Bully is focused on them, EC3 comes out and blindsides Bully. Then it's 4 on 1 when Rockstar Spud also joins with a goofy looking blue suit on.

Spud tells EC3 to "Get The Tables" and they bring a table to the ring and set it up.
As the get ready to put Bully through the table out comes Eric Young, Austin Aries, and The Wolves to make the save.

Aries says the numbers game isn't happening tonight, and Bully tells MVP he can take Bully's chain and shove it up his a$$.

EY then puts Spud up on Bully's shoulders and Bully Bombs him through a table that has Spuds name on it. Bully reminds the other 5 what they have coming.

Good opening segment.

When we return there is the 6 man tag that was challenged during the opening segment.

MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King vs The Wolves and Austin Aries

Lashley and Aries going at it in the ring while The Wolves are taking it to MVP and King on the floor. All 6 men continue to brawl inside and outside the ring. Finally each person on MVP's team are dumped over the top rope. While on the floor we see The Wolves fly through the ropes and then Aries with a double sledge from the top onto Lashley as we go to another break.

When we return, we have a normal 6 man tag match going on with 1 on 1 in the ring.

MVP's team keeps Edwards separated from his corner for an extending time frame and barely escapes near falls. Aries tags in and has some temporary offense until Lashley hits him with a running power bomb.

Aries tags in Richards and he soars into King with a double foot stomp from the top rope. Quickly, Lashley hits a spear on Richard's injured mid section. MVP hits a knockout kick and pins Richards.

Winner of the match: MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley

Bram in the back talking to Magnus. He tells him that Bram has a match and Magnus will be out there with him. Magnus is going to see and feel the violence.

EC3 in the back talking to Dixie saying that he had a perfect plan and that EY, Aries, and The Wolves spoiled it. He then says MVP was no help.

Dixie says that she has important business with MVP tonight and that she needs EC3 focused.

Next match is Bram vs Tigre Uno

Magnus is at ringside to watch the violence and Bram starts it from the opening bell. Bram is fighting like a man possessed and is constantly screaming at Magnus and Tigre Uno.

Taz says, "look at Bram, you can just smell intense".

Bram nails a vicious DDT for the win, but he's not done. As Bram gets ready to go for more on Tigre Uno, Magnus grabs a mic and asks Bram what is wrong with him. Says Uno is only half of Bram's size.

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