- CBS6 in Albany ran the story above about WWE stars Damien Sandow, Renee Young and the Bella Twins visiting the Central Park Middle School for a "Be a Star" rally.

- The Barnsley Chronicle has an article at this link about Fandango and Layla making an appearance at a Barnsley primary school during the overseas tour to discuss the importance of reading to children.

- Speaking of the overseas tour, a dark match pitting NXT Champion Adrian Neville against Sami Zayn that took place last week during the tour was leaked on YouTube at this link.

- SLAM! Sports has an interview with Dolph Ziggler here, who discussed NXT and the future stars of WWE. During the interview, Ziggler talked about Neville.

"I was shown a package of things he's done and I was wondering if I could keep up in the ring with him," Ziggler said. "Once he gets here he'll not only already be established, but Superstars like myself will already have ideas in our head about things we can do with him. And that will make it that much better."

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