WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Bray Wyatt In Action, Barrett Vs. Sheamus, Paige

Smackdown opens with the Shield making their entrance. They cut a promo about their match this Sunday.

Back from commercial and Kofi Kingston is waiting in the ring.

Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro

Cesaro takes control early on. He works on Kofi's arm. Kofi gets free, but Cesaro hits a shoulder tackle. Kofi goes for an arm drag, but Cesaro counters into a backbreaker. Cesaro military presses Kofi and hits him with a double boot stomp. Kofi comes back with a missile dropkick. He kicks Cesaro from the apron. Kofi lands a big kick to the face. Kofi goes for a quick cover attempt. He goes up top and leaps off, but Cesaro catches him with an uppercut for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

Cesaro hits the neutralizer on Kofi after the match.

Then, Renee Young is backstage with Wade Barrett. He says he has some bad news if she thinks his title is in jeopardy. All RVD has is his ridiculous hand gesture and trying to hold onto his past. He then says that the English have never been afraid of the Irish. It makes no sense that Sheamus is the US champion. He is the champion of all the continents around the globe. He says that Sheamus will find out he holds the most powerful empire in all the WWE.

Back from commercial and Paige makes her entrance.

Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

Paige backs Snuka to the corner and hits forearms. Alicia Fox comes down to ringside and starts walking around, doing her crazy stuff. Snuka attacks Paige off the distraction. Paige comes back with a crossbody. Snuka kicks her. Paige goes for a cover attempt. Fox keeps distracting Paige, and Snuka is able to hit a Superkick for a near pin fall. Paige hits several back elbows in the corner. She clotheslines Snuka several times. Paige dropkicks Snuka in the face, and then knees her. She screams at Fox. Snuka tries for a Samoan drop, but Paige counters into the Paige turner. She locks in the scorpion cross lock, and Snuka taps.

Winner: Paige

Then, Renee Young is backstage with Sheamus. Sheamus says that Cesaro made things personal. Young says that Barrett thinks the intercontinental title is more prestigious than the US title. Sheamus says that he was never good at geography, but he is good with physics, and when he Brogue kicks Barrett his teeth are going to fly down his throat. That's not bad news, it's good news.

Back from commercial and Xavier Woods is in the ring.

Xavier Woods vs. Bo Dallas

Bo arm drags Xavier. He goes outside and yells excitedly at the crowd. He gets back inside, and Xavier locks in a side headlock. He dropkicks Bo and then locks in his waist. Bo flings him out of the ring, and tosses him back inside. Bo drops Xavier back-first to the mat and drops several knees on him. Xavier comes back with a dropkick, and then the honor roll. Bo kicks out of the pin attempt. Xavier goes up top and leaps off, and Bo hits a dropkick in mid air. Bo hits the Bo-dog for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

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