- Jim Ross' special guests at his show today at the House of Blues in Chicago were Tommy Dreamer and former WWE Diva Victoria. We will have more notes from the show shortly.

- Red Eye Chicago has an interview with pro wrestling painter Rob Schamberger at this link, who has been doing a lot of work for WWE. During the interview, Schamberger talked about getting his start painting professional wrestlers and credited JR for getting him his gig with WWE.

"I had become friendly with Jim Ross through the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and I was later putting together a Make-A-Wish benefit show when SmackDown was coming through Kansas City," Schamberger said. "I reached out to Jim to put me in touch with WWE about helping with the show, and that in turn led to us talking about other ways to work together.

"That's since blossomed into WWE selling my originals through their WWE Auction site and posters on WWE Shop. I also got to work on a giant mural at WrestleMania XXX and be a part of the show. On top of that, it allowed me to work with the Ultimate Warrior, and I have the honor of having hand-painted the jacket he wore in his final appearance the next night on Raw."

- Triple H posted the photo below on his new Instagram today, hyping tomorrow's WWE Payback pay-per-view in Chicago:

"Si vis pacem, para bellum. If You Want Peace, Prepare for War. Tomorrow, the last battle... #WWEPayback"

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