Thanks to reader Kerry ( @chitownot ) for sending in these notes and the photo above from Jim Ross' show in Chicago this afternoon:

* Victoria and Tommy were there as the surprise guests.

* JR told a story about broadcasting the XFL with Jesse Ventura. He was told by Ventura's people that he must address him only as Gov Ventura. JR said he told the guy to kiss his ass.

* He told a Brian Pillman story about Pillman having an 18" long piece of turd and had a guard stand by so he could show it off to the crew.

* He mentioned the potential "Buried Alive" match between Daniel Bryan and Kane, and noted that it was a bad idea and unrealistic.

* He also felt that for the WWE Network to succeed, they need more original programming.

Great show as always, he also told a lot of great Ric Flair and Four Horsemen stories.

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