It all started at the Royal Rumble. As a result of the lights temporarily shutting off, Randy Orton was able to capitalize on the opportunity and defeated John Cena for the second straight pay per view. After the match, the rumors were materialized that a new feud was on the rise, as Bray Wyatt attacked Cena.

This led to another surprise attack at the next PPV, Elimination Chamber. Somehow, Bray Wyatt managed to get inside the cell, and Cena fell victim to another beatdown. Successfully, Wyatt managed to gain a cerebral advantage on Cena, and a match was booked at WrestleMania.

Cena came out of WrestleMania the victor, but Wyatt made it clear in the following weeks that the war was not over yet. Wyatt used even darker tactics, using his large fanbase of children against him via a choir on an episode of Raw that wore the popular sheep mask. Moreover, Wyatt used a kid to distract him in their cage match that ended up with Cena being defeated at Extreme Rules.

At Payback, the feud continues for the fifth straight PPV - three in matches against each other - in a Last Man Standing match. When the dust settles, the biggest takeaways from this rivalry will be the following:

1) Will this feud continue past the PPV?
2) Did this feud really help Bray Wyatt?

Sound off with your thoughts to these questions below.

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