'WWE Payback' Results - Last Man Standing, The Shield Vs. Evolution, Post-Show, More

HHH beats Reigns up to the entrance with a chair. Ambrose attacks Evolution but they beat him down. Orton drops Ambrose on the concrete with a draping DDT from a piece of the set. Suddenly we see Rollins up on top of the set. He leaps down and splashes onto Evolution and Reigns, taking them all out. Rollins crawls back to the ring as Evolution follows, also crawling. Batista hits the ring and runs into a big boot. Reigns comes off the second rope but Batista spears him in mid-air. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb but Rollins counters onto his feet. Reigns comes in and spears Batista. Rollins covers for the pin. Batista is eliminated.

Fans sing "goodbye" to Batista. Orton drops Rollins with a RKO but Reigns breaks the pin at 2. Orton goes for a draping DDT on Reigns but Ambrose stops it with a steel chair to the back. Ambrose drops Orton onto a chair with Dirty Deeds for the pin. Orton is eliminated.

HHH hits a low blow on Ambrose. Reigns nails a Superman punch on HHH, breaking up a Pedigree attempt. Batista comes back in and spears Reigns. Fans boo this. We see Orton slide a sledgehammer to Triple H. HHH decks Ambrose with the sledgehammer. HHH waits but Rollins leaps off the top and staggers him. Reigns nails a spear on HHH for the win.

Winners: The Shield

- After the match, The Shield works to get to their feet but are struggling. We go to replays. Reigns puts his boot on Triple H's chest and The Shield stands over him as Payback goes off the air.

- The Payback Kickoff post-show opens up with the panel. We see The Shield celebrating in the ring. They go to ringside and rally the crowd from on top of the announcers table. The panel talks more about The Shield's clean sweep. We get press conference video of Hornswoggle and his messed up haircut. Hornswoggle rips the guy asking questions and says he's still a star, he's still a movie star but his hair was all he had and now he has nothing. Hornswoggle says this is done and walks out on the presser. The panel talks about Cena and Wyatt now.

- Up next is Cena's post-match press conference. Cena says he's the most non-controversial controversial guy. He says tonight was one of those nights where you had to do what you had to do. Cena was asked if he can put Bray Wyatt in his rear-view now. Cena admitted Bray is a bonafide Superstar. He says Bray has a bright championship future in WWE but hopes he learned tonight that he needs to stay humble. Cena says he earned his victory and Bray earned his defeat. Cena believes he and Bray will see each other again. Cena doesn't agree with Bray but has respect for him and hopes Bray feels the same. We go back to the panel. We go to The Shield's post-match conference. Ambrose has his head down on the table. Rollins said it was war. He says they have a gameplan but it's always just about survivor. Ambrose says the biggest difference between them and The Shield is that The Shield just don't care. Reigns says everything on his body hurts. He says pain is temporary but their pride and honor is forever. We get a look back at that match as we go back to the panel.

- We get more replays from the show. Bo Dallas is in the back for his post-match press conference. He says he really wanted to compete. He's still undefeated, also he says. He's hoping to get a chance to face Kofi. Bo says he has somewhere to be and tells everyone to keep Bo-lieving. We get a look back at Sheamus defeating Cesaro. We see Heyman at their post-match conference, ranting about Sheamus using a small package to win. Heyman says Sheamus should be ashamed of himself. Heyman says Cesaro outfought Sheamus and Sheamus resorted to using a wrestling hold in a fight. We get a look back at the segment with Brie, Bryan and Stephanie. We hear Alicia Fox come over the headset and she's asking why she wasn't invited to this party. She's hi-jacked the post-match press conference area and demands that they ask her some questions but she cuts them all off before they can ask anything. Alicia ends up flipping the table and storming out. Mathews thanks us for watching the post-show and that's it.

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