Michael Cole's latest weekly interview for WWE.com is online, which you can watch above. Cole interviewed WWE COO Triple H about Seth Rollins turning on The Shield this past Monday night on RAW. Here are some highlights:

* Triple H talked about Batista quitting. He noted that it wasn't the first time that Batista quit, and it probably won't be the last since that's what he does, he quits things and doesn't see them through. Triple H said that he hopes Batista's Hollywood career works out because he knows that Batista doesn't have a Plan B.

* Triple H reminded Cole that he said that the feud with The Shield would be over when they were no more, and that he won and always wins.

* He said he chose Seth Rollins because Rollins was the brains of the operations from day one. He told Cole to ask Rollins himself as to why he turned on The Shield if he wants to know, and said that he will walk Rollins to the ring on SmackDown this Friday. He noted that Rollins will tell the WWE Universe what they need to hear.

* Triple H is not worried that he lit a fire under Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. He said that he knows what The Shield can do, and they don't exist anymore. "Adapt or perish," and he noted that Rollins adapted while The Shield perished.

You can check out the full interview above. You can check out SmackDown spoilers for this week here.

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