Vince Russo On Why He Left WWE, Signing With WCW & Vince's Reaction, Bash At The Beach, Hogan

Vince Russo On Why He Left WWE, Signing With WCW & Vince's Reaction, Bash At The Beach, Hogan

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I recently spoke with former WWE and WCW head writer Vince Russo. In the second part of the three part interview below, Russo why he left WWE and Vince McMahon's reaction, working with WCW, which WCW talent he wanted to push, how top talent reacted to his WCW signing, backstage differences in WWE and WCW, the Bash at the Beach 2000 incident with Hulk Hogan, WWE buying WCW and more.

Make sure to check back later this week for the third and final part of the interview, where Russo discussed his short WWE return in 2002, why his idea to restart WCW was rejected, working with TNA, almost bringing Bret Hart into TNA, working with Hulk Hogan again, trying to bring Paul Heyman into TNA, GFW, not getting credit for the Attitude Era, if he's still pitching ideas to TNA, if he could make WWE popular again, his new website and much more.

Click here for the first part of the interview, where Russo discussed getting his start with WWE, moving from working with WWF Magazine to the creative team, if he followed ECW, the Attitude Era, scripted promos and more.

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Wrestling INC: When did WCW first make contact with you?

Vince Russo: I made contact with them in September of 1999.

Wrestling INC: What made you want to make the jump? Were you burnt out or wanted new challenges?

Russo: It was a couple of things. I was burnt out and didn't appreciate Vince adding SmackDown without a heads-up or help. Number two, Vince was adding a show that would bring in millions of dollars in revenue and our salary did not go up one cent. I went into Vince's office at that point and I was starting to breakdown because he was milking me dry. Part of what I was telling Vince is that I'm away from home, my kids are young, I wasn't seeing my kids at all, and I was neglecting my wife. I'll never forget Vince looked me in the eyes and said 'I don't know what the problem is. I pay you enough money to hire a nanny to take care of your kids.' When he said that to me as a man, father, and husband, that was the end of the line. I was slapped across the face with how little he cared about me as a human and how little he cared about my family to even come up with the idea of hiring a nanny for my kids. At that point in time, there was no turning back for me. I was done and because of that I would never take back or rethink anything I've done or have any regrets. That was the lowest thing Vince could have said and it was the end.

Wrestling INC: What was Vince's reaction when you gave him notice? I know online, there was a sense of doom and gloom from WWE fans.

Russo: What sucks is the minute I got on the plane to go to WCW, I knew it was over. There's no way I could have met with WCW and not said anything to Vince. That's me. I met with WCW on a Saturday and they wanted to keep me until Sunday. Keep in mind, RAW was Monday so on Sunday I actually signed a contract. I had to fly from Atlanta back home and there was a stopover in Philadelphia, so I got into Long Island at about 2 a.m. In the layover from Philadelphia, I had to call Vince on the phone and tell him. I had no choice, RAW was the next day.

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