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The show opens with a video of Samoa Joe making his return last week and then we go to the back with MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King looking for Joe. Cancel the search, Joe is on his way to the ring.

Joe says he made it easy for MVP to find him. All MVP has to do is walk to the ring.

Out comes MVP, Lashley and King.

King takes the mic first and tells Joe that MVP is the Director of Wrestling Operations. Joe interrupts and asks MVP if King is his mouthpiece, because if he was he should have come out and kissed Joe's ass.

Joe challenges all three of MVP's gang and when MVP gets ready to answer, out comes Austin Aries.

MVP says Joe breached his contract and his hands are tied. Aries say untie your hands and make the match happen.

MVP says here is what will happen. It will be Joe vs Aries. The loser will be gone from TNA.

Now in the back, it's Magnus and Bram talking about Bram's match with Willow. Bram tells Magnus that he was proud of him when he won the title but then he got soft.

Willow vs Bram

Willow jumps all over Bram to start the match, until Bram takes things outside the ring. Bram takes control and then puts Willow in the ring with Bram in control.

Willow makes a couple of high impact moves but again Bram takes the match to the floor and regains control.

Willow finally regains control on the outside with high impact, high risk, high flying moves on Bram.

Bram gets the steel pry bar from under the ring. He's ready to use it on Willow when Magnus runs in and gets between Bram and Willow. Magnus takes the weapon from Bram and then Magnus uses the pry bar on Willow.

Magnus totally beats Willow down and Bram is proud of his friend.

Willow wins the match by DQ

MVP comes up to The Wolves and tells them the will fight each other tonight and if they refuse, The Wolves will be stripped of their belts.

Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards

The match starts and Kenny King is sent out to keep on and eye on things and make sure they fight. After a couple of minutes King interrupts and says either they FIGHT or they will hand the belts back to The Bro Mans.

Edwards ends up rolling up Richards to get the pin.

King comes down and says no no no, that wasn't good enough and the are going to have to hand the belts over. The Wolves then take out some frustration on King before him crawls his way up the ramp.

MVP and Dixie are in the back disagreeing over the Samoa Joe vs Aries match with Dixie saying she doesn't think the contracts will agree with MVP's stipulation.

Back from break, a video from last week when Brittany told Madison Rayne that she just wanted to be with her.

After the video, Brittany apologizes for last week and says she is there for Madison. Madison makes it clear she wants Brittany to do nothing.

The Bro Mans are in the back talking with DJ Z about The Menagerie. Robbie says he hates clowns and is nearly hysterical.

MVP tells Brian Hebner that he wants a winner in the Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries match. No double pins, no double count outs, a clear cut winner.

Joe and Aries discuss their situation in the back. They calmly tell each other that they will do what they have to do to keep their jobs.

DJ Z in the ring and introduces Robbie and Jesse. They start talking and Robbie is freaking out about clowns. Jesse tries to calm his partner when The Menagerie's music starts. Rebel is out first followed by that clown Crazy Steve, then it's The Freak and Knux.

The Menagerie come to the ring and a war of words starts between both sides. Then it's a battle of the horns with Crazy Steve tooting his bicycle horn and DJ Z hitting his DJ horn. That goes back and forth until The Freak grabs DJ Z and starts pressing him up and down over his head. Knux throws out both The Bro Mans and then The Freak throws DJ Z over the top rope right into his friends.

In the back, Bully Ray and Eric Young confront Brian Hebner. Hebner says he has to put food on his table and will do what he has to do. As Hebner walks away Bully and EY say then they will do what they have to do.

Gunner and Samuel Shaw are shown playing cards.

Next up: it's Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries

The talk from the announce table is the pressure that Brian Hebner has on him. Then it's one of these two competitors will be going home for good after tonight.

Both men are showing their stuff to start while the announcers talk about MVP's abuse of power.

Joe takes control, and Aries rolls out of the ring.

Both wrestlers take turns getting in Hebner's face.

Joe and Aries go back and forth with each taking control for brief periods of time. Joe tries several times to get the Muscle Buster, but each time Aries escapes.

Eric Young runs in and pulls Hebner out of the ring 2 times when each competitor had there opponent in a submission hold. Hebner screams at EY that he has a family to feed and then Bully Ray comes down and knocks Hebner out. They apologize to Hebner as he lays on the floor.

Match ends in a no contest

EY says this is bigger than Hebner - and out comes MVP and crew. MVP and Bully go back and forth with Bully getting some great verbal jabs in and then Bully makes the following challange:

Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe vs MVP (that piece of crap, per Bully), Bobby Lashley (that piece of crap), Kenny King (that piece of crap), and that EC3 piece of crap in a First Blood match.

MVP is about to tell Bully that he doesn't make the decisions around here when King grabs the mic and accepts the challenge. MVP is furious.

James Storms music plays, but it's Cowboy Ken (Mr. Anderson)spoofing Storm. He is dressed as a goofy cowboy and keeps saying "I like beer". That brings out the real deal, Cowboy James Storm.

Storm asks Anderson if he thinks this is funny? Anderson does a long burp in the mic and says yep. Anderson says he kicked Storms ass, and Storm says you just pissed me off a little more.

Anderson asks if Storm wants to fight right now - Storm says not tonight, but Anderson goes up the ramp and a brawl breaks out. Anderson takes early control but Storm quickly turns it around and throws Anderson into the ring. Storm nails Anderson with The Last Call Super Kick.

With Anderson laying flat on his back, Storm says if you want to be a Cowboy meet Storm in Dallas, Texas at Slammiversary - and tells Anderson to bring his boots.

Gunner and Samuel Shaw again this time they are looking at Shaw's drawings. Shaw explains them to Gunner and Gunner asks him to finish a drawing for him.

Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love for the Knockouts Title.

Velvet is with Angelina. A couple of minutes into the match Brittany comes down and stands over Madison after Madison was thrown from the ring. Madison screams at Brittany that she told her to do nothing.

Madison and Angelina each have several pin attempts, but no one is in real control. Madison gets a 2 count with a nice bridge move, but Angelina kicks out at the last second.

Velvet shoots hair spray in Madison's eyes and Angelina pins Madison for the win.

Winner of the match and still Knockouts Champion - Angelina Love

After the break, Madison confronts Brittany about doing nothing when Madison was sprayed in the eyes with the hair spray. Brittany reminds her that she was told to do nothing and that's what she did.

It's now Main Event Time

First out it's EC3. After that it's MVP and his crew. The challengers are all introduced together.

Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe vs MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, and EC3 in a First Blood Match.

King and Aries start things off. Next it's EY and EC3 and EY dominates.

Bully Ray is tagged in and EC3 heads out of the ring, so it's Bully and MVP trading punches. MVP tags in King and Bully tags in Samoa Joe and immediately King tags in Lashley so it's Joe and Lashley as we go to our final break.

Back from break, EY is caught in the wrong corner and Lashley is now in total control of the World Champion. EY is beaten down by all 4 of his opponents without being able to tag out.

EY gets checked closely several times by Earl Hebner and then is able to tag in Samoa Joe.

At this point it erupts into an all out brawl with all 8 competitors going in and out quickly. This leaves Bully Ray and EC3 in the ring.

Bully grabs his chain and Hebner doesn't stop him from using it. Bully nails EC3 with the chain and busts the undefeated EC3 open.

Winners of the match: Bully Ray, EY, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries.

While the winners are in the ring celebrating, Mike Tenay says something is going down in the back and when the cameras switch - it's MVP, Lashley and King beating down EC3. Dixie comes in and stops them and tells them they just started a war.

To recap tonight's action:

Willow won by DQ over Bram when Magnus interferred and beat Willow down with a pry bar.

Eddie Edwards wins over Davey Richards.

The Menagerie chases off The Bro Mans and DJ Z after Robbie reveals he is scared of clowns in a non match confrontation.

Samoa Joe and Austin Aries is a no contest when Bully Ray and Eric Young get rid of referee Brian Hebner. This leads to the main event match later tonight.

In another non match segment Mr. Anderson and James Storm brawl until Storm hits the Last Call and then says they will meet at Slammiversary.

Angelia Love retains the Knockouts Title when Velvet Sky sprays Madison Rayne in the eyes with hair spray allowing Love to get the pin.

In the main event it's Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe vs MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, and EC3 in a First Blood Match. Bully gets the win for his team when he busts EC3 open with his chain.

That does it for another week of TNA Impact.

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