The show opens with a recap of NXT Takeover. Then, Mojo Rawley makes his entrance.

Mojo Rawley vs. Aiden English

English tries to kick Mojo, and Mojo grabs his foot. He flies at English in the corner and collides with him. English comes back with a clothesline. He stomps on Mojo in the corner. English knees Mojo in the stomach and hits a swinging neckbreaker. He slams Mojo headfirst into the corner. English kicks Mojo in the head, and then locks it in from behind. Mojo fights out and goes for a bodyslam, but English shoves him into the corner. English leaps at Mojo, and Mojo shoves him to the mat. Mojo hits a shoulder tackle. He rams English into the corner and hits Hyperdrive for the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

After the match, footage is shown from after NXT Takeover of Paul Heyman asking Tyson Kidd how upset he is. Then, Devin Taylor is backstage with Natalya. She asks Natalya about Takeover, and Natalya says she is proud of Kidd and will always have his back.

Then, Bayley makes her entrance.

Bayley vs. Charlotte

Charlotte locks in a side headlock and takes Bayley to the mat. Bayley gets free, and Charlotte hits a shoulder tackle. Bayley comes back with an arm drag takedown. She trips Charlotte to the mat and locks in her arm. Charlotte knees Bayley in the stomach and back. She hits Bayley with a clothesline. Charlotte knees Bayley in the chest several times. She locks Bayley in a figure four head scissors and then goes for a cover.

Bayley takes Charlotte to the mat and hits several punches to the face. She knocks Charlotte down several times and drives her shoulder into Charlotte's stomach in the corner. Sasha Banks tries to pull Bayley out, and Bayley attacks her. She gets back inside and goes up top. Bayley leaps off and hits Charlotte with a back elbow. Charlotte comes back with an elbow to the head.

Summer Rae's music hits and she comes down to ringside. Charlotte stares at her the whole time. Bayley goes for a backslide pin attempt off the distraction, but Charlotte breaks free and hits her finisher for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

Summer Rae attacks Bayley. Charlotte and Sasha Banks join in. Paige and Emma run out and clear the ring.

Then, Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger are backstage. They cut a brief promo introducing themselves.

Back from commercial and a video package for the Ascension's victory at NXT Takeover is shown.

Next, Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger make their entrance.

Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger vs. Stewart Cumberland and Phillip Gouljar (?)

Jordan and Cumberland start off. He goes to work on Cumberland's arm. Cumberland reverses into a waistlock. Jordan reverses and takes Cumberland to the mat. Jordan takes Cumberland to his corner. Tye tags in and hits a snapmare. He chops Cumberland. Tye slams Cumberland's head into the corner and chops him again. Cumberland goes for a chop of his own, and Tye counters with another chop.

Jordan and Tye exchange quick tags. Cumberland strikes Tye and tags in Gouljar. Gouljar tries to mount some offense, and Tye takes him to the mat. Jordan tags in and slams Gouljar into the corner several times. He locks in Gouljar's head from the front. He body slams Gouljar and drops a knee. Tye tags in. He drops a knee on Gouljar. Gouljar comes back with some strikes. He tags in Cumberland. Cumberland hits several strikes in the corner.

Gouljar tags back in. He attacks, and Tye counters with a chop. Gouljar clubs Tye in the back. Cumberland tags back in. He hits Tye in the head and kicks his stomach. Gouljar tags back in. He attacks Tye briefly, but Tye escapes to his corner and tags in Jordan. Jordan hits multiple clotheslines. He pops Gouljar up in the air, and Gouljar slams to the mat. Cumberland tries to get involved, and Tye stops him. Jordan hits the Jordan slam on Gouljar for the win.

Winners: Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger

After the match, CJ Parker is shown walking around ringside with a sign. Then, Summer Rae is backstage with Charlotte and Sasha Banks. She says she has been putting the BFFs on the mat since debuting on the main roster. She takes the Summer face cut out and leaves.

Back from commercial and Tyler Breeze comes down to the ring. He takes up the mic and talks about how he is now the number one contender. The crowd chants for Sami Zayn. Breeze says he is on his way to the NXT Championship, and somebody gorgeous should wear it. Until he decides to cash in his title match, he is going to keep Adrian Neville on his toes. Then, Breeze debuts his music video.

Back from commercial and a video package of Bo Dallas's time in NXT is shown. Then, Justin Gabriel makes his entrance.

Adrian Neville vs. Justin Gabriel

They lock up. Neville backs Gabriel into the corner. The ref separates them. They tie up again, and Neville takes Gabriel to the mat. They get to their feet and stare each other down. Neville kicks Gabriel in the stomach and locks in his arm. Gabriel hits a fireman's carry and locks in Neville's arm. Gabriel lands a shoulder takedown. Neville comes back with a head scissors that sends Gabriel out of the ring. Neville goes for a dive, but Gabriel slides inside and attacks Neville. Gabriel clotheslines Neville outside. Gabriel goes for a dive, and Neville pulls the ropes down. Neville leaps off the apron and collides with Gabriel.

They head back inside, and Neville locks in Gabriel's arm. Back from commercial and Gabriel chops Neville in the corner. Neville battles back with head strikes, but Gabriel whips him into the corner. Gabriel charges and hits a forearm. Gabriel lands a vertical suplex. He locks Neville in a side headlock. Neville comes back with several kicks to the body. He goes up top and hits Gabriel with a missile dropkick. Neville locks in a submission, and Gabriel counters with a suplex.

Gabriel clubs Neville in the back. He goes for a springboard moonsault, but Neville moves. Neville goes for a springboard move of his own, and Gabriel hits him with a dropkick in mid air. Gabriel goes up top and goes for the 450 splash, but Neville moves and kicks him. Neville hits a dropkick to the chest. He goes up top and hits the red arrow for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

After the match, Tyson Kidd comes down to the ring. He takes up the mic and says he feels like a fool how he acted after their Takeover match. He apologizes and says that at Takeover, Neville beat him. Next time they fight, Kidd will beat him. He asks Neville for one more shot at the title, and extends his hand to him. Neville accepts the challenge and shakes his hand. Kidd leaves the ring as the show ends.

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