- CBS Sacramento interviewed baseball legend Pete Rose here. During the interview, Rose talked about his WWE appearances and getting chokeslammed by Kane.

- The Green Bay Gazette has an interview with Hornswoggle here, who was promoting this Tuesday's SmackDown taping at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. During the interview, he discussed getting his start with WWE.

"I should have never made it," Hornswoggle said. "I shouldn't be working for WWE, but because of some stroke of luck, about eight years ago they were looking for a guy like me. They tested out eight or 10 guys of my stature and Ken (Anderson) put his name out there for me. He referred me and (WWE superstar) Dave Finlay loved me and saw something in me, and at 19 years old I got signed."

- Motley Fool has an article here asking if the McMahons should still be running WWE given the recent misfires with Network subscriptions and their lackluster TV deal. The story noted that the current team needs to stay in charge:

"You fire executives or sell a company when it's clear things are not working. All that's clear with WWE is the network is not yet a sure thing and the North American TV deal increased, but not as much as expected. Changes in approach are needed, but changing leadership would be premature."

- Guyism has an article at this link about the announce team being the biggest problem facing WWE RAW.

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