Thanks to reader Francisco for sending in this report for last night's WWE live event in Las Cruces, NM:

Apparently a sold out show in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Just north of 7,000 in attendance. The night started with Kingston vs Damien Sandow. Sandow played the crowd and got heat. Good back and forth match with Kofi winning it via pin.

Next up was Bo Dallas vs Zack Ryder. Ryder came out to a good pop while Bo didn't have much of a reaction until he got on the mic. Bo Dallas had the upper hand most of the match and won via pin after hitting Ryder with the BoDawg.

Next was a triple threat for the Divas title featuring champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox vs. Natalya. Natalya got the biggest pop of the night. All three girls got good offense in. There was a solid spot where Natalya power-bombed Paige off the turnbuckle who also suplexed Alicia. In the end Paige won via submission.

Titus O'neil vs Sin Cara was next. Titus had the upper hand most of the match and Sin Cara ended up winning via pinfall after a Swanton bomb. Sin Cara got a good pop considering a lot of Hispanics live in Las Cruces.

Next is tag team action; Rybaxel vs Goldust and his partner... Cody Rhodes! Rhodes bro's came out to a good pop. Goldust played the crowd well to get some laughs by making fun of Ryback. Rybaxel had control of most of the match, towards the end Cody made the hot tag to Goldust, took control of it and pinned Curtis Axel. RHODES BROS WIN! Very entertaining match. Cody tweeted after the show something about his hip popping out so keep an eye out for that this week.


Mixed tag (fans voted) Fandango and Layla vs Ziggler and Summer Rae. It seemed to me that Summer didn't really know how to play the babyface role yet, even though she got a solid pop. The girls started out the match and tagged the guys in and they finished it off. Ziggler got the pin after a zig-zag.

Afterwards it was Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter, who got major heat after playing the crowd saying there were illegal immigrants at the event instead of real Americans. Good back and forth match with each guy getting a good amount of offense in. Both showing off their power. Cesaro hit the swing then the uppercut and got the pin.

Main Event was next, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins vs. The Shield. Rollins came out with Randy to Evolution's theme and got by far the most heat. "You sold out" chants started and went on for about two minutes then The Shield came out to a big pop. Right after they entered the ring the "you sold out" chants started again and went on for about 5 minutes while Rollins would roll out of the ring avoiding Ambrose. Very entertaining match, as expected. One spot stood out when Rollins was doing the vertical suplex but three amigos style, and we started chanting 'Eddie' since Eddie Guerrero was from El Paso (30 minutes from here), and he even did the Eddie chest shake. Randy pointed to the sky and whispered to Rollins and he ended up doing the Frog Splash. It was cool to see that even if they're heels that they pay tribute to Eddie. Match ended in DQ after Randy hit Reigns with a chair. He hit him and then Ambrose, and then The Shield countered and took them out with the chairs and celebrated with the fans.

Biggest Pops: Natalya, Shield, Ziggler, Ryder, and Sin Cara. (Turns out Hunico who plays him is from El Paso as well so it make sense.)

Most Heat: Rollins (by far), Zeb, Sandow, and Rybaxel.

It looks like WWE did the smart thing by turning Rollins heel. All in all, great show.

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