Source: Talk Is Jericho

TNA star Bully Ray was a guest on Chris Jericho's podcast Talk Is Jericho, and among the topics they discussed was Hulk Hogan's time with TNA Wrestling. You can hear their full audio interview at this link.

The former WWE and ECW superstar was put into a program involving the wrestling juggernaut, where Bully Ray was not only a top heel in the company, but was also involved with Hogan's daughter Brooke in the story lines.

Bully Ray spoke about his experience alongside the legend.

"It was awesome, and it was the main story line along with the Aces & Eights," said Ray. "Those two stories kind of ran together. To be in the ring with him and work with him was cool, because listen…at the end of the day, he's Hulk Hogan. He's the Babe Ruth of our industry and being in the ring with him is cool."

The TNA wrestler also shed some light on the expectations for the two to square off in the ring.

"The end was result was we were supposed to have a match," explains Ray. "Me and Hulk had talked about this match on several different occasions and he felt totally comfortable with me because he knew I could custom tailor the match to exactly what he needed. It just didn't happen. It didn't happen because of his physical reasons, and also business reasons within TNA."

Ray also said that when he was talking on the mic, there weren't many guys who were able to raise his game like Hogan had. He also said whenever he was out there with Hogan, and Sting too, they were the highest-rated segments of TNA Impact.

Jericho asked if Hogan's departure left a big hole for TNA.

"No, I don't think it's caused a big hole at all," said Ray. "He split, that's it, he's gone. He was on TV with TNA probably more than he should have been, and he was talking up a lot of prime real estate where younger guys could have been. If I was writing a show, Hulk would have been in one story and he would be on the show one time, so we can feature him, give the people their Babe Ruth and that's it."

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