Vince Russo Talks TNA, Vince Rejecting WCW Idea, Bischoff, Trying To Bring Bret & Heyman Into TNA

Vince Russo Talks TNA, Vince Rejecting WCW Idea, Bischoff, Trying To Bring Bret & Heyman Into TNA

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I recently spoke with former WWE and WCW head writer Vince Russo. In the third and final part of the interview below, Russo discussed his short WWE return in 2002, why his idea to restart WCW was rejected, working with TNA, almost bringing Bret Hart into TNA, working with Hulk Hogan again, trying to bring Paul Heyman into TNA, GFW, not getting credit for the Attitude Era, if he's still pitching ideas to TNA, if he could make WWE popular again, his new website and much more.

Click here for the first part of the interview, where Russo discussed getting his start with WWE, moving from working with WWF Magazine to the creative team, if he followed ECW, the Attitude Era, his favorite angles during the Attitude Era, scripted promos and more.

The second part of the interview is at this link, where Russo discussed why he left WWE and Vince McMahon's reaction, working with WCW, which WCW talent he wanted to push, how top talent reacted to his WCW signing, backstage differences in WWE and WCW, the Bash at the Beach 2000 incident with Hulk Hogan, WWE buying WCW and more.

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Wrestling INC: It seemed like you had a lot of bad luck during your time in WCW with injuries. You had a top storyline in motion with Bret Hart reforming the NWO and then there was Bill Goldberg. They both got injured and that was the end of it. You were really the first person to push Bret Hart as the top guy since he joined the company. Are you surprised he has hard feelings today considering the push you gave him?

Vince Russo: Deep down inside, I don't know if he does. When I went to WCW, I wanted Bret Hart in a position he longed to be in. I approached him my first day there and we sat down for an hour and discussed the Owen [Hart] incident. We talked about it man-to-man and I thought everything was behind us. Six months before I left TNA, I had a phone conversation with Bret about bringing him to TNA. He was very excited about that idea and I spoke to him personally on the phone for an hour. Face-to-face or on the phone, there has never been an issue between me and Bret.

I find it hard to believe Bret feels that way because he had the opportunity on more occasions than one to tell me especially when I tried to bring him into TNA. There's the perfect opportunity for Bret to say 'Vince I'm not working for a scumbag.' That's not how the conversation went; it was a very positive one. I find it hard to believe at his core that he feels that way, but I also know bashing and burying Vince Russo to the internet wrestling community is the cool hip thing to do. Some people think that's what gets them over. Just throw a Vince Russo barb in the wrestling community and you're over. All these people that have these issues with me and do interviews, never have I been confronted to my face. That's unfortunate. I worked as hard as I could in the business, was very respectful, and am a family man. To consistently have to deal with all the negative comments, it gets old after a while.

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