More From Steve Austin: Nixed WM Idea He Pitched, CM Punk, Current WWE Talent, Goldberg, Hogan

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As noted earlier, Bleacher Report featured columnists Donald Wood, Mike Chiari and Brandon Galvin recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, which you can check out above. Here are some more highlights from the interview:

Donald Wood: You are one of the biggest names in wrestling history and you are now making waves with your podcast The Steve Austin Show on PodcastOne. With a long list of exciting guests, how have you found the transition from wrestling and movies to the podcast medium?

Well, you know, it's interesting. Asking people questions, carrying on conversations, you certainly develop a rhythm and a style. I learned early on that one of the mistakes I was making early on was trying to cram too much stuff in an interview. I'd talk to guys who had 20- to 40-year careers and try to condense that into a two hour session, and it just doesn't happen like that. So now, I just have bullet points and we start talking and it ends up just being a conversation. I don't paint by numbers anymore, I just go by how I feel and try to take the conversation in different places and just go with the flow. It has been an interesting transition. I enjoy doing it. It allows me to use some of the creative energy that I put into Monday Night Raw way back in the day and it gives me a way to maintain communication with my fan base and to just simply and purely entertain them. I don't talk about religion, politics, none of that bull****; it's just audio whoop ass for the working man and the working woman to take their mind of the task at hand.

Mike Chiari: You've already interviewed many of the biggest stars in wrestling on your podcast, but who's one person you haven't had on the show yet who tops the list in terms of desired guests?

I'd like to talk to Hulk Hogan, of course, because he's one of the biggest names in the history of the business, if not the biggest. So, obviously I'd like to talk to Hogan. 'Superstar' Billy Graham. I'd like to talk to Dusty Rhodes face-to-face, in person. I had a chance to talk to him on the phone in the early stages like some of the people who I've already interviewed.

It's always different talking to someone on the phone, of course. I've talked to Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Shawn Michaels on the phone, but a one-on-one conversation is the best. I've actually just connected to Kevin Von Erich the other day, we've been trying to get together for a while and I'm actually going to make a trip out to Hawaii. The wife has been trying to con me into going to Hawaii forever. That's one place that I have not been, so while we go to Hawaii to satisfy my wife's desire to go to and lay on the beach, I'll be interviewing Kevin Von Erich, so he's a guy I'm really looking forward to talking to. Hopefully, I get a chance to talk to him in the next few months. I talked to Undertaker. I asked him if he wanted to do the show, he said he would, and that's a matter of me getting out to Austin, Texas, and talking to him one-on-one, but he's another one I'd love to talk to.

Brandon Galvin: You're the host of Redneck Island, which correct me if I'm wrong, will air this summer in the United Kingdom. In wake of the success of WWE's Legends' House, have you ever thought about doing a version of the show with former or current wrestlers?

I haven't thought about it, but I mean, it's not up for me to come up with ideas for the network. I haven't pitched them anything. I don't know what they're looking for. I know they just rolled out the network and I just finally subscribed to it the other day, so I definitely think there's room for something like that, but it all depends on how far they want to go with it. I would certainly be willing to engage in conversation about doing something like that, and I'm looking forward to Redneck Island finally getting over to the UK because I have so many listeners to my podcast over there in the UK and I'm very excited about them getting the show over there and seeing it. I'm surprised that Redneck Island hasn't gone to Canada because they have CMT Canada, but it's not even over there. It's a great show, and I think they're going to enjoy it and it's certainly a different cup of tea than what they are used to on their programs.

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