The show opens with a recap of Stephanie McMahon stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Then, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose make their entrance.

Ambrose says he doesn't have to tell anyone what the authority is doing. They're not going to wait for Triple H to deal. They're coming straight for his throat. Ambrose says they will shut down the Seth Rollins business for good. He passes the mic to Reigns.

Reigns says he hopes Randy Orton is enjoying his night off, because he's going to put him on a permanent vacation. He's not the face of the WWE. He is the ass. He's spoiled, and gets whatever he wants from his daddy Triple H. Everyone wants to be the WWE Champion, and who knows, maybe they'll beat him to it.

Triple H appears on the screen, and says he only has one qualifying shot left for the ladder match. He flips a coin, and Dean Ambrose gets the opportunity to qualify against Bray Wyatt. Triple H says that Reigns and the Wyatt Family will be banned from ringside. Then, he says that Ambrose will be banned from ringside during Reigns's match against Bad News Barrett next.

Bad News Barrett vs. Roman Reigns

They lock up. Roman locks in a side headlock. He hits Barrett with a shoulder tackle. Reigns slams Barrett to the mat. He whips Barrett into the corner and charges. Barrett puts his boot up. He strikes and kicks Reigns. Reigns comes back with a vertical suplex. Barrett lands several shots to the head. Reigns hits a clothesline. Reigns hits mounted punches in the corner. He clotheslines Barrett outside as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Roman is in control. He leaps at Barrett in the corner, but Barrett moves. He clubs Roman in the back. Barrett hits several headshots on the mat. He hits Roman with a neckbreaker. Barrett kicks Roman in the head and drops a knee on his chest. He locks in Roman's head from behind. Roman gets free and hits a Samoan drop. Reigns blocks an elbow and hits a leaping clothesline. He clotheslines Barrett in the corner.

Reigns hits the Superman punch. He signals for the spear, but 3MB comes down to the ring. They get up on the apron, get into the ring, and attack Reigns.

Winner via DQ: Roman Reigns

They keep attacking Reigns. Eventually, Reigns clotheslines McIntyre out of the ring, Superman punches Mahal, and shoves Slater outside. He tosses Mahal over the announce table, and then spears McIntyre and Slater.

Jey Uso (with Jimmy Uso) vs. Erick Rowan (with Luke Harper)

Rowan charges Jey. Jey pulls the ropes down, and Rowan crashes outside. Jey leaps over the top rope and takes out Rowan. He sends him back inside. Jey tries to whip Rowan unsuccessfully. Rowan shoves him and hits a running splash. Jey comes back with an uppercut. He hits Rowan with a leaping clothesline and an enziguri. Jey tries for a Samoan drop, but Rowan counters. He tosses Jey across the ring from up top, and hits a side slam for the win.

Winner: Erick Rowan

Then, a Bo Dallas video is shown.

Back from commercial and Bo Dallas makes his entrance.

Bo Dallas vs. R Truth

Dallas shakes Truth's hand. They lock up. Truth locks in a side headlock. He hits Bo with a shoulder tackle. Truth lands a hip toss. Bo comes back with an elbow to the head. He knocks Truth to the mat. Bo hits a vertical suplex. He knees Truth in the head. Truth comes back with a heel kick and a pair of clotheslines. He slams Bo face-first to the mat. He goes for the scissors kick, but Bo counters into the Bo-dog for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Back from commercial, and Cesaro is waiting in the ring.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Cesaro kicks Sheamus. He hits Sheamus with rights and lefts in the corner. Sheamus battles back with strikes of his own. Cesaro kicks Sheamus. He drops Sheamus with a right hand. Sheamus fires back with a clothesline. Cesaro elbows Sheamus and then uppercuts him. Cesaro tries for a vertical suplex, but Sheamus counters into one of his own. Sheamus hits several shots to Cesaro's lower back, and then follows up with a back suplex.

Cesaro comes back with strikes in the corner. He chokes Sheamus on the center rope, and then hits him with a back suplex. Sheamus kicks Cesaro, and then clotheslines him out of the ring. Sheamus falls out as well as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Cesaro is in control. Sheamus comes back and tosses him to the apron. He wraps Cesaro's arms around the ropes, but Cesaro gets them free. Sheamus hits Cesaro with a right hook that sends him to the floor. He goes to the apron, and Cesaro pulls him to the floor. Cesaro sends Sheamus back inside and hits a pair of double boot stomps. Cesaro clotheslines Sheamus.

Cesaro weaves Sheamus through the ropes and pulls his head back. He hits Sheamus multiple times in the corner, and kicks him in the head. Sheamus tries to battle back with strikes, but Cesaro kicks him and hits forearms to the face. Cesaro hits more headshots, and Sheamus yells at him to hit him more. Cesaro goes up top, and Sheamus hits him off. It looks like he tweaked his knee on the rope. Cesaro gets back inside at the eight count.

Cesaro snaps Sheamus's head across the top rope and tries to follow up, but Sheamus hits multiple strikes and a running high knee. He tosses Cesaro to the apron and lands his 10 chest clubs. Sheamus hits a backbreaker. Sheamus goes for White Noise, but Cesaro wiggles free. He hits Sheamus with his pop-up uppercut. Cesaro strikes Sheamus multiple times. Sheamus comes back with a clothesline and rolling senton.

Sheamus signals for the Brogue kick. Paul Heyman gets up on the apron. Cesaro tries to attack off the distraction, but Sheamus hits an elbow. He picks Cesaro up for a move, but Cesaro counters into a small package for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

After the match, Bray Wyatt is shown on the screen. He cuts a promo about his Money in the Bank qualifier match.

Back from commercial and Fandango and Layla are in the ring. Summer pouring milk on Layla on RAW is recapped. This is followed by Layla's attack of Summer on Main Event.

Fandango vs. Adam Rose

They tie up and then break apart and stare at each other. They tie up again, and Rose shoves Fandango into the corner. Fandango tries to leap over Rose, and Rose spanks him. Fandango slams Rose's head into the corner and strikes him to the mat. Fandango suplexes Rose and goes up top. He leaps off, and Rose rolls out of the way. Rose hits the Party Foul for the win.

Winner: Adam Rose

One of Rose's party people, wearing a chicken mask, stays at ringside. The person gets inside and takes the mask off, and it's Summer Rae. She attacks Layla, and they roll around, striking each other. Fandango pulls Layla out of the ring, and they leave up the apron.

Back from commercial and Jack Swagger is waiting in the ring.

Jack Swagger vs. Big E

Swagger charges E and attacks him immediately. He tosses E into the ring post, and then slams him into the barrier. Swagger clotheslines E. He sends E back inside. He locks E's head in from the front, and then tosses E into the corner. Swagger charges E, and E backdrops him to the outside. Swagger gets back inside, and E clotheslines him. He hits Swagger with a belly to belly suplex. E hits a running splash and signals for the Big Ending.

Lana comes out on stage and starts talking. E stares at her. Swagger big boots E off the distraction. Colter yells at Lana and tells her to leave. She gives him a death stare and leaves. Back in the ring, Swagger goes for the Swagger bomb. E pops up and catches Swagger. He hits the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E

Back from commercial and Aksana is waiting in the ring.

Aksana vs. Alicia Fox

Fox offers her hand, and Aksana slaps her. Aksana clotheslines Fox and suplexes her. She drops an elbow on Fox and goes for the cover. Fox goes for the scissors kick, but Aksana counters into a spine buster. Aksana goes for a running splash, but Fox puts her knees up. Fox hits her northern lights suplex. She locks in Aksana's head from behind. Aksana gets free, but Fox locks her head back in. Aksana backs Fox to the corner to break the hold. Fox spikes Aksana's head to the mat using her legs for the win.

Winner: Aksana

Next, Seth Rollins's interview with Michael Cole from RAW is shown. Then, Bray Wyatt makes his entrance.

Money in the Bank Qualifier
Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose

Bray shoves Ambrose. Ambrose hits multiple strikes. Bray fires back with a clothesline. Bray headbutts Ambrose. He drags Ambrose's head across the top rope. Ambrose hits a headbutt and a crossbody. He rams his shoulder into Bray's stomach and kicks him in the corner. Bray hits a big right hand. Ambrose comes back by slamming Bray's head into the corner. He drags Bray's head across the top rope and dropkicks him. Bray goes outside. Ambrose goes for a dive. Bray catches him and slams him into the apron as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Bray slams Ambrose arm-first into the apron. Ambrose falls to the floor and Bray steps on his head. Bray tosses Ambrose back inside. He tries to attack, but Ambrose counters with a DDT. Ambrose hits right hands to the head, but Bray strikes his shoulder. He tosses Ambrose shoulder-first into the ring post. Bray kicks Ambrose in the head. He pulls Ambrose's head against the post and strikes it. Bray goes for a cover.

Bray clamps down on Ambrose's shoulder. Ambrose gets free, but Bray hits a body slam. Bray goes for his running senton, but Ambrose moves. Ambrose goes to the apron. He slams Bray's head into the ring post and goes up top. Bray hits Ambrose and climbs up too. He goes for a superplex, but Ambrose blocks it. He headbutts Bray off. He leaps off and goes for an elbow, but Bray catches him. Bray tries to capitalize, but Ambrose lands a big clothesline. Ambrose tells Bray to hit him.

They exchange strikes, and Bray slams Ambrose face-first to the mat. Bray goes to charge Ambrose, but Ambrose explodes out of the corner and collides with Bray. Bray goes to the outside. Ambrose hits him with a dive. He sends Bray back inside and rolls him up for a pin attempt. Ambrose goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. Ambrose goes for his headlock driver, but Bray counters and knocks him down. Bray goes for a suplex, but Ambrose counters into a pin attempt. Ambrose hits his headlock driver. Seth Rollins gets up on the announce table. Ambrose chases him, and Seth runs into the ring. Ambrose follows, and Bray hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

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