As a flyweight, nobody has been able to figure out Demetrious Johnson. That pattern continued at UFC 174 as the champion made his decision win over Ali Bagautinov look simple.

"Ali is tough," said Johnson post-fight. "I just wanted to keep pushing. I'm the king and I'm going to stay that way as long as I can."

Johnson used a clinch throughout the fight, landing countless knees during the 25 minute contest. By the end of the fifth round, Johnson didn't appear to have a scratch unlike Bagautinov who was riddled with red marks from repeated blows.

After a failed attempt to win the bantamweight title, Johnson cut weight to join the new UFC flyweight division. He has six wins as a flyweight and four title defenses.

Bagautinov had won 11 in a row before meeting Johnson. He's now 13-3 and 3-1 under the UFC banner.

The flyweight championship headlined UFC 174. The fight also marked the first time the belt was challenged on a PPV card. For play-by-play of UFC 174, please click here.

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