After a quite lackluster build that virtually saw MVP's stable of himself, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley gain the advantage every week, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match scheduled for Slammiversary is now forced to be altered. Due to an unfortunate injury from MVP in a non-related wrestling event, he must relinquish his opportunity to possibly become champion. Now, this leaves TNA scrambling for potential opponents for Eric Young.

While logic and booking does not necessarily match in both WWE and TNA, the hope is that one day they will make a happy couple. So why not start now? Logically, this scenario presented would make sense.

Right now, there are two matches featuring MVP's running mates that are placed on the event just to add more volume. However, the worth of these matches are not very valuable, so it does not bring much depth to the PPV after all. Allow these matches to mean something instead of just being on the card.

The two matches are Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley, and Austin Aries vs. Kenny King. Have Dixie Carter announce that since MVP is out of the title match, and she can't stop a match from happening, she will, however, make the stipulation of them both now being No. 1 contender matches.

Ideally, since Bobby Lashley defeated EY on two occasions, he should defeat Samoa Joe and advance. Also, Aries should defeat King, so the triple threat match would not only keep the MVP/EY feud alive with Lashley in the match, but adding Aries brings a dynamic that will make the triple threat match exciting.

There you go. Simple booking to recover from an unplanned circumstance. Moreover, this proposal is even much better than the originally scheduled match.

What should be the new title match for Slammiversary? Sound off below.

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