Source: NewsDay

NewsDay has an interview with Jey Uso, who was promoting this Saturday's WWE live event at the Nassau Coliseum. Here are a few highlights:

Hanging out with other wrestlers kids as a child who are now stars:

"I remember the Rotundo boys . . . mostly Bray [Wyatt] and the Hennigs. We'd be just hanging out. Our dad would tell us to sit still, and we just didn't move."

Working with John Cena:

"He just made us comfortable. It really calmed us down. And now we're really starting to get our personality out there more. If the fans in the WWE Universe think the Usos played a big part in that last man standing match, man, I'm thankful for it."

His dream WrestleMania main event:

"If it came down to it, I would love to headline WrestleMania with my brother. I think it would be the easiest match I ever had in my career. And it would be the most fun."

Jey also discussed his father not wanting them to join the business, if The Usos will ever split and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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