Source: Talk Is Jericho

As noted earlier, Drew McIntyre appeared on Chris Jericho's podcast, Talk Is Jericho, and discussed his WWE release. Here are some highlights:

* WWE owns the name Drew McIntyre, so from now on he'll be going by his real name, Drew Galloway.

* The release was a big shock. Regardless of what people thought about 3MB, they were on everything. He had no indication that he was being released. He said that 3MB was working as hard as they could for the position that they were in, and he felt that they were doing a good job considering what they were being asked to do.

* He said that the person who called him about his release [Mark Carrano] was also surprised. He received a lot of messages from people that he respected.

* When he received the call, he assumed that he was being called to be at a live event that Friday.

* While he's nervous, he's excited for his future. He's 29 now, and he got signed by WWE when he was 21.

* He said that 3MB was "dead in the water" before they even started. The day before 3MB was formed, Vince McMahon had him wrestle Jinder Mahal on Superstars to see how he worked as a babyface. McIntyre got good feedback, but Vince decided the next day that Heath Slater needed a band and picked him and Mahal. McIntyre had a broken wrist at the time and the doctor decided that he needed surgery weeks before the group debuted. They had already aired the vignettes, and then he found out that he was going to be out for six months.

* He said that they had a lot of ideas for the group and Vince was very receptive to them, despite fans thinking that the gimmick was a rib. However, he was supposed to be the guy in the group beating everybody up, and going in with a broken wrist killed them. He stayed on TV as a manager for the group, but by the time he came back, they were beyond repair. He felt that they didn't get the fair shake that they should have.

* He noted that Adam Jones from Tool was willing to work with them for nothing and even film segments at their concerts, however WWE never took them up on their ideas.

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