- Ottawa Community News has an article about indie wrestler Devon Nicholson winning $2.3 million in damages from WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher. Nicholson claimed that he contracted Hepatitis C from Abdullah after he bladed Nicholson in a match in 2007 without his consent. He was subsequently cut from his WWE development deal. Nicholson noted that he is now hepatitis free, and he will receive another WWE tryout on July 18th.

- Former WWE head writer Vince Russo is now writing a weekly column for What Culture. In his first column at this link, he lists ten things that fans don't know about him, which includes how he came up with TNA to be a sex orientated brand, Steve Austin not wanting to do the beer truck angle, Vince McMahon's lack of mainstream knowledge and more. He also talked about getting threatened twice during his career.

"I, myself, while never having gotten into an 'actual' fight while serving my duties of Head Writer at WWE, WCW and TNA, was actually threatened on not one . . . but, two occasions," Russo wrote. "The first time was by Shawn Michaels after I cut a promo on him to his friend Triple H, for hijacking the WrestleMania 15 main event by getting into Steve Austin's ear, who then talked Vince McMahon into changing the three way between him, the Rock and Mick Foley into a two-way, leaving Mick the odd man out. And, also a few years later by Bill Goldberg who was not happy when I needed him to do a job to Scott Steiner. Thankfully, I was able to get out of both predicaments completely unscathed."

- CM Punk was on last night's episode of Maron, you can check out a clip of Punk from the show below:

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