Thanks to reader Jordan H. for sending in this report from last night's WWE live event at the Santander Arena in Reading, PA:

Poor attendance, arena was about half full. I'd estimate 3,500-4000. I bought a cheap ticket but moved up and sat in an excellent spot with a great view.

Crowd was good, it was mostly kids and parents but a few hardcore fans were there.

Triple Threat for US Title
Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb

Swags comes out to a surprising pop until Zeb starts talking, to which the crowd booed. Next out is Cesaro to a solid pop. Then Sheamus to a roar. A lot of Sheamus fans here. Solid 14 minute match with some interesting spots, such as Sheamus missing Swags on a Brogue kick and running into a super European uppercut (I forget what it's called, it's when he throws the guy the in the air). Cesaro teased the swing, which got a pop, then he cut us off and just stomped him. Obviouslly WWE wanted him to play heel tonight. The finish saw Sheamus get the win with a Brogue kick on Swags while he had the ankle lock on Cesaro.

Bo Dallas vs. Zack Ryder

Bo comes out to mostly cheers but some boos. Ryder gets a nice pop. Bo does his usual prancing and boasting. At one point Ryder dropkicked him then mocked him by circling the ring gloating, it was actually pretty funny. Standard match that saw Bo get the win with the Stratusfaction.

Nikki Bella vs. Rosa Mendes

Fans voted for a match 67% over a dance contest. Out comes Rosa to no reaction, then Nikki to a good pop. Typical divas match that ended after 6-7 minutes.

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Ascension (c) vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Konnor O'Brien is pretty big in real life, intimidating dude. Truth and Woods got the crowd with the "What's up"s. Nothing special, finish saw the Ascension hit their finisher on Truth to get the win. It was similar to what The Eliminators' finisher in ECW.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Out comes Seth to a coarse of boos and "You sold out"s. When he first appeared he got cheers, but it slowly settled to boos. Out comes Dean to a good pop in jeans, a beater, and a jacket. He takes the jacket off and runs after Seth but Seth high tails it. Seth eventually gets in and they have an okay match. I was actually disappointed in the performance, as these are two of my favorite performers these days yet the only high spot (if it can be called that) was a suicide dive my Ambrose. It looked like it hurt cause he landed right on concrete. There were mats on all the other sides of the rings so I was surprised he used the only side that didn't. Other than that and a superplex, nothing special here. Finish saw Dean get his foot tied in the tree of woe and Seth kicked and punched him until he got DQ'd. Seth grabs a chair and gets ready to stomp him on it but Dean grabs the chair and chases him away.


The Great Khali vs. Titus O'Neil

Snoozefest that actually got a "CM Punk" chant from a very kid/parent-oriented crowd. Khali gets the win after 5-6 minutes of nonsense.

Damien comes out in a suit with sunglasses and a piece of paper, proclaiming that he has assembled the greatest team of wrestlers in WWE history. He gives great introductions to Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater, and Hornswoggle. Damien was actually excellent in this role, he's a natural heel and he's good at being an annoying manager. He's like a blend of The Genius, Gary Hart, and Jim Cornette.

Los Matadores & El Torito vs. Heath Slater, Tyson Kidd, and Hornswoggle w/ Sandow

Comedy match that saw some cool spots from the Matadores. Torito gets the win by taking off Hornswoggle's wig then hitting a moonsault.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

Let me start by saying I literally stood right next to Roman Reigns and he's an intimidating dude. He's bigger in real life than he looks on TV. He does a good job of looking mean.

Orton is out first to a pop, then Roman to an even more deafening pop. Match starts slow but slowly picked up steam. After about eight minutes of holds, Roman finally does his comeback spots. Randy sold the Superman punch very well. Roman gets ready to hit the spear but Seth comes out. Roman goes after him then Dean comes in and takes care of Seth, chasing him off. Orton hits the second rope DDT on Roman and he sells it for a minute before Orton decides to go for a punt. He runs and Roman turns it into a spear for the win.

Overall decent show, I was somewhat disappointed that some of the matches didn't feature anything spectacular. There were a lot of filler moves and things that I can easily do in my backyard with my friends. They need to showcase the high flyers in a better way. Anyway, it was worth the money, only $75 for me and my buddy to get an amazing view of the action.

Biggest Pops (worst to best): Cesaro, Ambrose, Sheamus, Roman
Most Heat (worst to best): Cesaro, Rollins, Sandow, Zeb, Orton

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