This week's episode of Superstars opens with Adam Rose making his entrance. Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

Adam Rose vs. Heath Slater (with Hornswoggle)

They lock up and shove each other against the ropes. Slater runs at Rose, and Rose spanks him. He trips Slater to the mat and rides him like a horse. They shove each other, and Slater shoves Rose to the outside through the ropes. Slater follows and clotheslines Rose. He sends Rose into the barrier and tosses him back inside. Slater locks in Rose's head. He elbows Rose in the chest several times. Rose gets free via body strikes. He charges, and Slater hits a heel kick.

Slater punches Rose in the head. He exits the ring, and he and Hornswoggle taunt the Rosebuds. Rose baseball slide kicks Slater. He sends Slater back inside, and then hits him with a crossbody. Rose hits several shots to the head. He goes up top and leaps off, hitting Slater with a hurricanrana. He mule kicks Slater in the corner and then charges him. Hornswoggle gets in the ring, and Rose pulls his wig off. Hornswoggle runs to the back. Slater punches Rose off the distraction. He tries to keep the attack up, but Rose counters with the party foul for the win.

Winner: Adam Rose

Then, a portion of Triple H's weekly interview with Michael Cole is shown. Back from commercial, and Triple H's announcement of the Money in the Bank match competitors from RAW is shown. This is followed by the segment where Rollins demands that Ambrose be put in the Money in the Bank match. Then, Stephanie McMahon proposing a match between herself and Vickie Guerrero on RAW is shown.

Back from commercial and Byron Saxton is backstage with Rybaxel. He asks for their game plan, and Ryback says they are going to divide and conquer. They axe them, and they smash them. Then, Saxton asks about their challenge of Goldust and Stardust. Ryback says that they got lucky when they won, and then Ryback asks who Saxton thinks he is to ask them a question like that. They make Saxton say Rybaxel rules.

Then, the RAW Rebound is shown. It focuses on Vickie Guerrero's match with Stephanie McMahon. Back from commercial, and R Truth and Xavier Woods make their entrance.

R Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Rybaxel

Axel and Truth start off. Truth backs Axel into the corner. He gets a one count on Axel. Truth locks in Axel's head and takes him to the mat. He rolls Axel up again, but Axel kicks out. Axel locks in Truth's head. He takes Truth to the mat. Truth locks in Axel's arm and tags in Woods. Woods locks in Axel's arm and strikes it. Truth tags in. He tries to work on Axel's arm, but Axel shoves him to his corner and kicks him. Ryback tags in. He tries to attack Truth in the corner, but Truth dodges. He trips Ryback to the mat. Woods tags in. They double team hip toss Ryback. Ryback gets sent outside, and Woods takes him out with a dive as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Truth kicks Ryback in the face. Axel tags himself in, unbeknownst to Truth. Truth tries to cover Ryback, and Axel tosses him out of the ring. Axel stomps on Truth outside and sends him back in the ring. He knees Truth in the back. Ryback tags in. They double-team Truth. Ryback body slams him, and goes up top. He crashes down on Truth and gets a two count. Ryback hits Truth with a vertical suplex. He locks in Truth's head.

Truth gets free. Ryback charges him in the corner, and Truth moves. Ryback stops Truth from tagging in. Truth gets around him and leaps to his corner. Woods tags in. Woods hits Axel off the apron. He kicks Ryback in the legs and hits a dropkick. Woods snaps Ryback's head across the top rope and goes up top. He hits Ryback with a missile dropkick. Woods dropkicks Ryback again. He goes for the honor roll, but Ryback counters. Ryback tries to attack, but Woods counters into a DDT.

Axel breaks up the pin attempt. Truth tosses Axel outside. He helps Woods up, and they stare at Ryback. Axel pulls Truth outside, and Woods stares at them. Woods turns around, and Ryback hits the meat hook clothesline. He picks Woods up and hits shell shocked for the win.

Winners: Rybaxel

Back from commercial and Sheamus, John Cena, and Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, and Randy Orton from RAW is shown to end the show.

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