WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Kane Vs. Roman Reigns, Bad News Barrett Vs. Ambrose, More

The show opens with a video recapping Daniel Bryan's road to being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Then, a video is shown that hypes the wrestlers in the main event at Money in the Bank.

Afterwards, Triple H, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton are waiting in the ring. Triple H says that people refer to eras in wrestling. Today, he's heard it called the reality era, but it should be more accurately called the authority era. The Authority is constantly making history. This Sunday, history will be made. At the end of Money in the Bank, a new champion will be crowned, and that man will be the new face of the WWE.

That's not all though. At Money in the Bank, there will also be a traditional Money in the Bank match. If he were a betting man, he would be willing to say that Orton will be the new champ, and Rollins will win the Money in the Bank match. Whether the fans like it or not, that's what's best for business.

Orton says that Triple H is right. He will win on Sunday and become the new champ. Once again, he will be the face of the WWE. Rollins says that he will become the new Money in the Bank holder and forge his own destiny. In case things work out, there is always a plan B.

Orton asks what Rollins thinks will go wrong. Rollins says it's not unthinkable that Orton won't get the job done again. Orton says it's not unthinkable that without the Shield guys he will whip Rollins's ass.

Triple H says that Orton should trust Rollins because he does. The reality of it is that the Authority is constant. That's not going to change. They can either survive against the Authority, or thrive with the Authority. He tells them to adapt or perish. He calls Orton the present and Rollins the future. It's best for business.

Moving on, the crowd is going to be seeing Dean Ambrose shortly. Unfortunately, he has some bad news for the crowd. Wade Barrett's music hits, and he comes out.

Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose

They shove each other around the ring. Ambrose kicks Barrett in the corner multiple times. He leaps at Barrett and hits multiple shots to the head. Ambrose tosses Barrett outside. He slams Barrett's head into the apron and then tosses him into the barrier. Ambrose sends Barrett inside, and Barrett hits a big boot. He hits Ambrose with a neckbreaker. Barrett chokes Ambrose on the middle rope. He boots Ambrose to the outside.

Back from commercial and Ambrose rams his shoulder into Barrett in the corner. He goes up top for a DDT, but Barrett shoves him away. Barrett tries to keep the attack up, but Ambrose counters with a clothesline. He hits Barrett with dirty deeds for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jack Swagger comes out with Zeb Colter. He clotheslines Barrett on the outside and tosses him into the barrier twice. Swagger tries to lock in Barrett's ankle, but Barrett taps his leg like he's trying to stop him. Ambrose takes out Swagger with a dive and attacks Swagger with a ladder as the ref checks on Barrett. He sends Swagger inside. Ambrose tries to attack, but Swagger sends him outside. He stares up at the briefcase, but Ambrose gets back inside and attacks Swagger again. The fight spills outside. Ambrose slams Swagger into the announce table. Seth Rollins comes out and attacks Ambrose from behind. He sends Ambrose inside the ring and hits him with the curb stomp.

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