As a 15-year veteran of the wrestling business, "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony has keen and unique insight into the inner workings and intrigue of virtually every facet of life as a denizen of the squared circle. A key member of a shady faction known as "The Empire," Anthony constantly surveys the playing field in search of potential threats and new opportunities. Outspoken, irascible and uncompromising, Greg Anthony spoke with about his most recent successes and his plans for the future.

Greg, you've really been on fire lately representing The Empire with your tag team partner Matt Riviera. You've taken the NWA Lonestar tag titles on the road, defeating some top-notch independent guys and you've retained the straps through some tough scraps. Are teams still lining up to take a shot at the titles or are guys intimidated with your dogged defense of the gold?

To be honest, it's a little bit of both. Most teams have realized that when it comes to tag team wrestling, Matt Riviera and myself are the top dogs but then you get a team who has a little too much of piss and vigor. They think they can compete but once they are in the ring, they soon realize how truly inept they are.

For folks who didn't see The Empire evolve and dominate in Traditional Championship Wrestling, what's the story behind your group? Who are its members, supporters and influences?

The members that you know of are Steve Anthony, Tim Storm, Matt Riviera and myself. The Empire is a lot older than most people realize. The Empire has been around just as long as pro wrestling has been around and has some of the most influential men in our industry as our alumni. Every major happening in pro wrestling can be contributed to The Empire. Matt and I were chosen to lead The Empire into the next generation and finally into the light. This why we say: "Choice is an illusion."

Is there a bigger picture here? Are you just determined to dominate NWA Lonestar or does The Empire have a grand design for the future?

The Empire always has its hand in all things pro wrestling. You never know when or where you will see us next. The only thing guaranteed is that wherever we are. We destined to take over. Piece by piece, step by step, from inside and out.

You have a lot of experience in the business, not just in the ring but behind the scenes. What have been the most important lessons thus far in your career and how are you applying them to what you're doing in the wrestling today?

Larry Zybysko calls it the human game of chess. He is 100% right. Right now there are men out there that are bigger, stronger, faster than I could ever hope to be but those men will never obtain the level of success that I have because I'm a chess master and they are still playing shoots and ladder with their momma. My wrestling I.Q. is unmatched. In most cases, I've beaten men before I've even laced up one boot. This is because I studied men like Gary Hart, Jim Cornette, Eddie Graham, JJ Dillon, Bill Watts and the list goes on and on. Knowledge is pro wrestling is worth its weight in gold.

What's the best way for wrestling fans who don't live near your live events to see you in action?

YouTube is a wonderful tool to see those who geographically you might not be able to. I use it to scout talent and make sure I stay three steps and a three-count ahead of the game.


Legends of the Squared Circle returned to the LSC Arena in Middletown, OH on Saturday June 21, 2014 for their 3rd anniversary show LSC: Revolution 4.0. Here are the results from that show:

-In a gauntlet match "The Hollywood Hitman" Jerry Andrews w/HBO defeated Kung Fu Fugly, "The Natural" Acrcell Martin, "Lightning" Tim Lutz, Tanu, Mike Brody & Jesse Sinclair. After the match, Andrews attacked Sinclair and Crush Simmons made the save.

-Ganger defeated Barackus w/L.A Black.

-Mary Elizabeth Monroe defeated LSC Inter-gender Champion Kaela in a non-title match.

-Dean "The Dream" Jablonski defeated "The Heartbreaker" Jeff Halloway.

-Pete Swags returned as he was name special guest referee for the LSC Hardcore Title Match. Brutal Bellman defeated "Trophy" Todd Mullins & Hooks in a Triple Threat Hardcore Match to retain the LSC Hardcore Title.

-American Kickboxer II came out and made Natasha Rivers announce how great he was. Then "Handsome" Donny Redd made his return to LSC. After a brief scuffle with AKB2, Redd applied a submission hold and made AKB2 pass out.

-The Brothers West became the new LSC tag team champions by defeating The Un-Americans w/The Golden Idol in a TLC Match.

-Sgt. Ledbetter w/L.A Black defeated Ice in a steel cage match.

-Big T w/L.A Black became the new LSC heavyweight champion by defeating Ryan Stone in a steel cage match.


At Arizona Wrestling Federation's June 21 show in Peoria, the Deans of Chaos defeated Team Badd Company in a match for the XCW tag titles. In the main event, Chris Evans beat Alexander Hammerstone and Adrian Hawkins in a triple-threat match for the AWF championship. (Source: Arizona Wrestling Federation)


The new episode of AIWF's Mid Atlantic Wrestling is now online and in the main event, former WCW star Lodi challenges T.R. Superstar for the Mid Atlantic title. You can watch the entire episode here.


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