- Byron Saxton is backstage with Randy Orton and asks about tonight's match. Orton says he has better chances than anyone at winning. He's asked about Rollins winning. Orton says Rollins is a great competitor but needed all the help he could get, while he won't need any help. We go to more Network commercials.

Stardust and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

We go to the ring and out comes Ryback and Curtis Axel. Their opponents Stardust and Goldust are out next.

Stardust and Axel start it off. Stardust takes control early on. Goldust tags in for a nice double team move. Goldust covers for a quick pin attempt. Goldust unloads on Axel now. Stardust comes back in. Axel avoids a double team move and tags in Ryback. Ryback shoves Stardust. Stardust fights back and blocks a move. Stardust takes Ryback down and tags in Goldust. Ryback takes control but Goldust turns it around in the corner. Axel assists and Goldust goes down. Axel comes in and stomps away now. Axel unloads on Goldust with right hands.

Axel nails a dropkick on Goldust and keeps him grounded. Ryback tags in and they double team Goldust in the corner. Ryback with a big suplex attempt but Goldust slides out. Goldust goes for a roll-up but it's blocked. More back and forth. Ryback with a massive chokeslam on Goldust. Stardust finally comes in and unloads on Ryback. He also knocks Axel off the apron. Ryback blocks a shot and puts Stardust on the apron but misses right hands. Stardust springboards in and takes Ryback down. Stardust drops Ryback on his head. Axel runs in but Goldust pulls him over the top. Axel rams Goldust into the barrier. Ryback goes for Shellshocked but Stardust counters with his finisher for a 2 count as Axel barely breaks the pin. Axel charges but Stardust moves and Axel hits Ryback. Stardust covers Ryback for the win.

Winners: Stardust and Goldust

- After the match, Axel attacks Stardust and lays him out. Goldust runs in and they drop him with a double team move. Goldust and Stardust pose and do some other odd stuff to end it.

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