WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Big Returns, Title Change, Roman Reigns & Triple H, More

- We see a limousine arrive in the back. It's the returning former WWE Champion. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes Bo Dallas. He asks us for 60 seconds of silence for two Superstars who can't compete right now - Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan. Bo drops to one knee for the moment of silence and it goes a lot longer than 60 seconds. Bo says he was the voice of inspiration for Bryan at Money In the Bank and was also the bigger man. Bo shows us a replay from the pre-show segment last night.

We come back to the stage and Bo tells us to don't stop Bo-lieving and that's it. Nikki Bella's music almost cuts him off and out she comes.

Handicap Match: Nikki Bella vs. Cameron and Naomi

Nikki makes her way to the ring and out comes Cameron and Naomi next.

Cameron works Nikki over and slams her by her hair a few times. Cameron with a 2 count. Nikki fights back but gets whipped into the corner. Cameron runs into a big elbow. Nikki with a jawbreaker and a 2 count. Nikki with another takedown. She goes for the legs but Cameron kicks her away. Naomi tags herself in and decks Nikki with a forearm. Naomi goes up top and hits a crossbody next. Naomi drops Nikki for the easy win.

Winners: Cameron and Naomi

- After the match, Cameron comes in and is upset about not getting the pin. They have words and shove each other. The referee gets between them and breaks it up. Cameron leaves and walks off by herself as some fans boo.

- Still to come, an update on Bad News Barrett. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see some of the CT Special Olympic athletes sitting at ringside showing off their medals.

- We see Jack Swagger's attack on Bad News Barrett at last week. They announce that he will be out of action for several months and the Intercontinental title is now vacant. There will be a battle royal at Battleground to crown a new champion.

Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston

Paul Heyman comes out and says it's good news that the IC Title is now vacant before introducing Cesaro. Kofi Kingston is out next and he's also in the battle royal. Lots of back and forth to start the match. Kofi blocks a hip toss and sends Cesaro out tot he floor. Kofi leaps over the top and nails Cesaro as Heyman looks on. Kofi brings it back in the ring for a pin attempt. Kofi springboards in but Cesaro catches him with a nice backbreaker.

Cesaro takes control now and works Kofi over in the corner. Cesaro with a headlock now. Cesaro with more offense and another 2 count. Cesaro stomps on Kofi's chest and kicks him around. More back and forth with Kofi getting a close roll-up. Cesaro nails a big shot in the corner. Fans chant for CM Punk as Kofi rolls out to the floor in pain and we go to commercial.

We come back and the match is over. Kofi won.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

- Cole says the ending can be seen exclusively on the WWE App. We come in on the post-match beatdown as Cesaro sends Kofi to the floor and nails a huge uppercut. Cesaro throws Kofi into the steel steps and over the announcers table. He tosses Kofi back over the table, lifts him in the air, runs and tosses Kofi over the fan barrier and Kofi flies several feet. Apparently Cole got hurt during all of this. Cesaro continues the assault on Kofi and rams him into the ring post several times. Cesaro hits a massive clothesline as referees come to back him to the back. We see the end of the match when Kofi got a roll-up for the win out of nowhere. Cesaro flipped out after that and destroyed Kofi.

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