WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Big Returns, Title Change, Roman Reigns & Triple H, More

We come back with Orton and Kane taking turns on Reigns. Reigns finally fights back and takes out Orton. He drops Kane on the floor with a big shot into the barrier but turns around to a clothesline from Orton. Orton rolls Reigns back in the ring and tags in Kane for some double teaming. Cena reaches for a tag and says all he needs is a chance. Kane with another pin attempt on Reigns as Triple H looks on. Reigns finally nails a boot to Kane's face. Kane grabs him for a chokeslam but Reigns powers out. Kane comes right back with a right hand. Reigns nails a Samoan Drop. Cena tags in and unloads on Orton with his usual moves. Cena drops a Five Knuckle Shuffle. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment but it's blocked. Kane tags back in but Cena slams him. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Kane next. Orton comes in and nails Cena with a RKO. Reigns throws Orton out of the ring and hits a Superman punch on Kane. Reigns fights Orton up the ramp now.

Reigns and Orton brawl to the back as Kane throws Cena into the steel steps. Kane rams the steps into Cena's head for the disqualification.

Winners by DQ: John Cena and Roman Reigns

- After the match, Triple H tells Kane to finish Cena. Kane takes him back in the ring and calls for a Tombstone piledriver. Kane nails it in the middle of the ring as Triple H looks on and smiles. Fans chant "one more time" as Cena is laid out. A referee calls for the doctor to come in and check on Cena. Triple H comes in the ring and shakes Cena's arm. Triple H motions his hand and out comes Seth Rollins to cash in. Rollins hits the ring with a referee and wants to cash in but the referee says Cena is out. Triple H forces the referee to go to the timekeeper and start the match. While they're arguing, Dean Ambrose runs in the ring and attacks Rollins. Ambrose fights him to the floor and clotheslines him into the crowd. Ambrose chases Rollins through the crowd and he never officially cashed in. Triple H calls the referee an idiot. Kane grabs a steel chair and comes back in the ring. Reigns runs back out and spears Kane to a huge pop. Triple H and Reigns have a staredown. Fans chant "yes" as they look about ready to fight each other. Triple H points at Reigns and continues to stare him down as a huge "this is awesome" chant starts up. Triple H finally drops off the apron as the crowd boos and Reigns' music hits. Triple H circles the ring and continues staring Reigns down before heading to the back. RAW goes off the air.

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