How Much Did The Rock Make Last Year?, Brad Maddox Cave Update, WWE In Bangor News

- As noted last week, former RAW GM Brad Maddox has been creating his own version of The Blair Witch Project on his YouTube channel. Last Tuesday Maddox posted this video saying that he was stuck in a cave and asking fans to contact emergency services. Maddox must have one hell of a cell phone battery, as he posted the video above tonight claiming to still be stuck in the cave and thanking the fans. He also asked for someone to tell his mom that he loves her.

- Forbes has published their list of the world's most powerful celebrities. With $52 million in earnings as of June 2014, The Rock made the list at #23, two slots higher than last year. The article noted that The Rock is branching into television, and will be producing and starring in the HBO comedy, Ballers.

- The Bangor Daily News has a photo gallery at this link from this past Saturday's WWE live event in Bangor, ME.

- Speaking of last Saturday's live event in Bangor, reader M. Bennett Marshall sent us this report for the show:

The building was 80% full. Before the first match the lights went out, two dark figures were led to the ring and they quickly disappeared under it.

* R Truth vs. Titus O'Neil was up first. Truth won. He added "Bangor Maine" to his "What's Up!" live into music and the crowd loved it. After the match, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan came from under the ring and attacked R-Truth. Luke grabbed the mic and cut a promo on the Usos.

* Sheamus defeated Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat match after Sheamus nailed Del Rio with a Brogue kick.

Ring announcer Justin Roberts wanted everyone to vote on the type of match The Great Khali and Damien Sandow would have. The choices were a match or a dance off.

* Nikki Bella & Divas Champion Paige defeated Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes in a Divas tag team match. Of course Alicia went crazy, grabbed some guy's popcorn, threw it and chased Justin Roberts around the ring. Funny, I met her when she arrived at the venue and she was a lovely young lady, she signed autographs and took lots of photos with the fans.

An ad ran for the Conner Fund, about the young boy who passed away from cancer earlier this year. When it was over, Justin Roberts wiped away a tear before telling the crowd how to donate to the cause.

* WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos defeated Erick Rowan & Luke Harper with a roll up on Erick Rowan. Don't ask me which Uso got the pin, I can't tell. On the way to the ring, the brothers were attacked from behind by Rowan & Harper.


* The Great Khali vs. Damien Sandow: The voting was 70% / 30% in favor of a match. Khali won with a chop to the head. I saw The Great Khali a few years back taking on Batista, he looked like he had some trouble walking tonight, more than I remember from the Batista match.

* Rusev defeated Big E via submission. Good match. Throughout they battled with the American and Russian flags. Lana did her bit at the beginning with her pro-Putin talk and bashing America. There were chants of USA during the match. Oh, and Lana is every bit as beautiful in person.

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