- Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald interviewed Kevin Nash, who was discussing his appearance at this weekend's Florida Supercon. During the interview, he discussed the Kliq splitting to form DX and the nWo.

"DX is what really made Triple H," Nash said. "He was playing the blue blood, and then Triple H went away from that persona and kind of took over DX, and that's when Paul Levesque got to be himself. That's when I think he really took off because he's got an incredible sense of humor, a really fun loving guy. They kind of took our [nWo] formula. They [DX] were younger guys, and they made it a little hipper. Anytime WWE produces anything it's going to be produced better. The nWo was the Beatles. We were there first, but they [DX] were definitely fantastic."

Nash also discussed Hulk Hogan joining the nWo, being miserable during his first WCW run, winning the WWE Championship and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

- In addition to Nash, Jerry Lawler, Ted Dibiase Sr., Hurricane Shane Helms and Scott Steiner will be appearing at the Florida Supercon, which starts today and runs through this Sunday. You can get more details at floridasupercon.com.

- WWEShop.com has a 4th of July sale where all regular priced T-Shirts are now only $17.76 at this link. There is no discount needed, just use the link.

- CM Punk seemingly weighed in on WWE firing Emma in his own way. Punk favorited this tweet from former WWE creative writer Seth Mates:

"Gotta be more to Emma story. Hope she is OK. If it's just shoplifting, WWE's level of hypocrisy has reached WWE levels of hypocrisy"

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