WWE NXT Recap With Video: Sami Zayn Faces WWE Star, Divas Tag Team Match, Tyson Kidd, More

This week's episode of NXT opens with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady making their entrance.

Colin Cassady (with Enzo Amore) vs. Sylvester LeFort (with Marcus Louis)

Cass shoves LeFort in the head. LeFort fires back with strikes to the head. He tries to whip Cass, but Cass counters with the East River crossing. He drops a big elbow on LeFort for the win.

Winner: Colin Cassady

Then, Devin Taylor is backstage with Adrian Neville. She congratulates him on his win against RVD last week. Neville says he has been a fan of RVD for a long time and it was an honor to face him. Tyler Breeze walks up and says everyone was impressed with him last week, even him, but not because of the match, because he could stay focused with the gorgeous one in the building. Breeze says it must be killing Neville that he doesn't know what he will cash in his title match. Neville says he is very confident. If Breeze wants to fight tonight then they will, and he won't even put the title on the line. Breeze says he can't because he suffered a hand model accident, and holds up his broken finger.

Back from commercial and a video for Bull Dempsey is shown. Then, Sasha Banks and Charlotte make their entrance.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte vs. Bayley and Becky Lynch

Bayley and Sasha start off. They lock up. Bayley locks in Sasha's arm and takes her to the mat. Sasha elbows herself free, but Bayley locks her arm back in. Lynch tags in. She locks in Sasha's arm as well. Sasha backs Lynch to her corner, and Charlotte tags in. Lynch takes her to the mat. Bayley tags in and flips Charlotte to the mat. She wrenches Charlotte's arm upwards. Lynch and Bayley exchange quick tags, and double suplex Charlotte. Sasha runs in, and they taker her out too.

Back from commercial and Charlotte and Sasha are in control of Bayley outside of the ring. Sasha sends Bayley back inside. She kicks Bayley in the head, steps on her hair, and pulls her arms upwards. Charlotte tags in, and the BFFs double kick Bayley. Charlotte slams Bayley's head into the mat several times. She locks Bayley in a figure four headlock. Charlotte flips Bayley over and slams her to the mat. Sasha tags in, and Charlotte slams Bayley's head into her boot.

Sasha clubs Bayley in the back. She kicks Bayley in the side and hits Lynch on the apron. Sasha clubs Bayley in the back again, and tags in Charlotte. She knees Bayley in the mid section. Sasha tags in, and the BFFs double team Bayley again. She slams Bayley into the corner. Charlotte tags in. She chokes Bayley with her boot. Sasha tags in. They try to double team Bayley, but she pulls them into each other. Lynch is able to tag in. She uppercuts Sasha and clotheslines her. Lynch hits a heel kick.

Lynch leg drops Sasha several times. Charlotte breaks up the pin attempt. Bayley tries to attack Charlotte, but Charlotte tosses her outside. Charlotte tags in, and takes out Lynch's knees. She hits Lynch with her finisher for the win.

Winners: Charlotte and Sasha Banks

Sasha starts trash talking to Lynch, and Bayley tosses her outside.

Then, Devin Taylor is backstage with Justin Gabriel. She asks what his mindset going into his match against Sami Zayn is. Gabriel says he reminds him of himself. Tyson Kidd walks up, and says that Gabriel is heading to purgatory and he doesn't even know it. He tells Gabriel has a way out, and it's by putting the boot to everyone rising up. Gabriel says he is wrong, and he will prove it by beating Zayn.

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