WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: Ambrose Vs. Randy Orton, Sheamus Vs. Alberto Del Rio, More

The show opens with a recap of the opening to RAW where Stephanie McMahon announces the cover athlete for "WWE 2K14." Then, Seth Rollins comes down to the ring. He said on RAW he nearly cashed in on John Cena. He has a message for John. He got lucky on RAW, but the clock is still ticking. He was flat on his back in the center of the ring. That doesn't bode well for him because on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone is low. He will cash in before long. He tells the crowd to get used to it, because before long he'll be the new face of the WWE.

Dean Ambrose comes out. Ambrose says Rollins is delusional. He will never let Rollins get near the titles, it doesn't matter what he plans. He will always be there. He asks how last Monday went, and then footage of Rollins trying to cash in is shown.

Ambrose tells him to watch the footage over and over again, because that's his life for the next year. The briefcase is a curse, because it's an excuse to ruin his life and face. Rollins asks if he thinks he cares. He knows Ambrose better than anyone, and he knows Ambrose can't keep it for a year. He can't stop him from cashing in.

Ambrose says of course he can, and runs down to the ring. He attacks Rollins. Randy Orton runs out, and he and Rollins beat down Ambrose. Roman Reigns comes out. He attacks Orton and Rollins. They fight Rollins and Orton out of the ring.

Triple H's music hits, and he comes out on the stage. Triple says Reigns and Ambrose have made their point. Now, he will make his. Ambrose has to face Orton later, and if Reigns interferes he's out of the Battleground main event.

Back from commercial and Sheamus makes his entrance.

US Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

They lock up briefly. They exchange strikes. Sheamus takes Del Rio to the corner and hits several kicks. Del Rio hits a snapmare and a kick to the back of the head. He mounts Sheamus in the corner and hits several strikes. Sheamus comes back with a rolling senton. He drops a knee on Del Rio's head. Sheamus hits an uppercut. Del Rio comes back with a clothesline. He kicks Sheamus in the face. Del Rio hangs Sheamus's head over the apron and kicks it. Sheamus tosses Del Rio into the barrier. Del Rio tosses Sheamus into the steel steps. Del Rio sends Sheamus onto the apron and hits a backstabber.

Back from commercial and Sheamus collides with Del Rio, sending both of them outside. They get back inside and exchanges shots to the head. Sheamus hits a backbreaker. He tries for white noise, but Del Rio fights free. He hits Sheamus with a DDT. Del Rio hits multiple shots to the head. He goes up top. Sheamus hits him and climbs up as well. Del Rio hits him to the apron. Sheamus climbs up behind Del Rio and clubs him in the chest 10 times. He shoves Del Rio off.

Sheamus leaps off and hits a shoulder tackle. He signals for the brogue kick. Del Rio ducks it and locks in the cross armbreaker. Sheamus counters into the cloverleaf. Del Rio gets to the ropes. Del Rio kicks Sheamus in the stomach and locks the cross armbreaker back in. Sheamus stands up and tosses Del Rio into the turnbuckle. Sheamus charges, and Del Rio moves. Del Rio hits a Superkick. Del Rio goes up top and flips off, but Sheamus moves. Sheamus hits the brogue kick for the win.

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