WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Bret Hart Returns, Jericho In Action, Cena Vs. Rollins, More

WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Bret Hart Returns, Jericho In Action, Cena Vs. Rollins, More

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- Tonight's WWE RAW Pre-show opens with Byron Saxton, Booker T and Alex Riley at WWE studios in Stamford. They hype Seth Rollins vs. John Cena and The Miz vs. Chris Jericho for later tonight. We get a video on John Cena and The Authority. The panel talks about John Cena defending his WWE World Heavyweight Title in the Fatal 4 Way at Battleground.

- Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton is announced for later. We get a look back at last week when Chris Jericho returned. The panel talks about the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal at Battleground. Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston is announced for tonight so Cesaro can get revenge on Kofi.

- We see video from earlier with Renee Young talking to Big E. He cuts another preacher promo about how he will rise like the phoenix. Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler will take place tonight. The panel talks about AJ Lee's return next. AJ and Paige vs. Cameron and Naomi will take place tonight. We get a few final words from the panel and that's it for the pre-show.

- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up from Montreal with a video looking back at last week.

- We're live from the Bell Centre as Michael Cole welcomes us. Roman Reigns is making his way through the crowd to a big pop. Reigns hits the ring. Cole is joined by JBL and Jerry Lawler. Cole reveals that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are on vacation this week. Reigns waits to speak as fans cheer for him. Reigns says he comes to the ring only with a point. He brings up Triple H putting him in the title match at Battleground. Reigns says he can stop John Cena, Kane can't stop him and Randy Orton won't win the title. Fans chant "Cena sucks" and Reigns soaks it in. He says when Roman Reigns is in the house, damn right Cena sucks. Reigns says he's the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion and out comes Kane.

Reigns asks if Kane is standing in for The Authority. He says Kane is looking like Triple H's lapdog lately. Or Randy Orton's b---h. Kane approaches the ring after that comment. Reigns meets him on the floor and they start brawling. Kane turns it around and rolls Reigns in. Reigns knocks Kane off the apron and clotheslines him over the barrier. Reigns fights Kane over into a production area. Kane counters and brings the fight back to ringside, sending Reigns face first into the ring post. Kane brings Reigns in the ring and work him over as referees run out to break it up. Fans boo this. Kane chokeslams a referee. Reigns knocks Kane out of the ring. Agents and producers run out to break them up now. Reigns shoves Jamie Noble across the ring and spears Fit Finlay. Kane jumps on the apron but Reigns nails a Superman punch. Reigns is fired up. Officials, including Joey Mercury, get in front of Kane and back him up the ramp as Reigns poses in the ring.

- The announcers hype Bret Hart's appearance and the fans cheer. Also still to come, The Miz vs. Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins vs. John Cena.

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