Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE recently announced a fining system which didn't go over well with the talents. Officials are also back to enforcing the dress code with the idea that if talents are anywhere in public, they must dress professionally. A failure to do so will result in a fine.

Officials are also said to be now issuing fines to talents if they are even one minute late to the arenas.

It's said that a lot of talents are unhappy over money right now, which is always an issue but there's a feeling that nothing is going to be done or changed.

WWE mailed out quarterly royalty checks this past week and that didn't help. People who usually received around $70,000 for the first quarter video game royalty check received around $11,700 for the first quarter of this year. This is the same royalties that Mick Foley ranted online about. When second quarter royalty checks were just mailed out, some believed that part of the difference may be made up for in these checks but that wasn't the case. Most of the top level guys got $1,555 with the most recent checks.

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