As seen above, Rodolfo Roman spoke with Jerry Lawler at the Florida Supercon last weekend.

Lawler talked about his son Brian Christopher reuniting with Scotty 2 Hotty for WWE NXT:

"I was really happy for him. Brian and Scotty are doing quite a few appearance across the county. There's so much wrestling going on all over the place, independent shows around the country. Scotty, Brian and Rikishi, they are busy every single week doing something. He's not on WWE TV but he's available all the time. They might bring him back. Who knows? He's staying real busy which is good."

Lawler also talked about meeting with WWE Network officials about bringing Memphis Wrestling to the Network:

"We're in negotiations. They're sending a crew down next week to Memphis to evaluate the tapes, see what they want and what is still useable. We produced a 90 minute wrestling show every Saturday morning live for 21 straight years so there's a lot of footage, a lot of tape out there. Hopefully one of these days we will have it on the WWE Network. So many of the stars you've seen in WWE over the years either started or came through Memphis Wrestling at one point."

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