TNA Impact Wrestling Results: A New X Division Champion And Jeff Hardy Returns In A Big Way

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: A New X Division Champion And Jeff Hardy Returns In A Big Way
After being away last week when I went to Gatlinburg to get married, this is Ed Boston back with you again this week for our Live Impact Viewing Party.

The show starts off with a video of TNA's Champion's Showcase preview.

Kurt Angle is in the ring and says that all the matches will have championship ramifications. Angle, after going over all of the matches for the night, calls out Willow.

Angle says he understands what Willow is all about. Dixie Carter took him to the dark side. But Angle says he needs the most competitive match possible, and that means Jeff Hardy. Willow shakes Angle's hand and we don't really get an answer.

The Wolves are heading to the ring to face Bram and Magnus.

Bram and Magnus vs The Wolves

Magnus and Davey Richards start things off. Richards goes right after both Magnus and Bram and then tags in Edwards and The Wolves then double team both of their opponents.

Quickly, after turning things around, the challengers ruthlessly (Taz's words) go at the champions. Even when Richards tries to turn things around, the challengers cut the ring in half and keep Richards from tagging his partner.

Finally, Edwards gets tagged in and he takes control. A top rope hurricanrona from Edwards on Bram gets a near fall on Bram. Shortly afterwards, The Wolves howl and fly through the ropes into the challengers. Bram is then pinned with a sunset flip. Bram goes off on the champions until Magnus pulls him from the ring.

Winner of the match: The Wolves

Prior to going to the break, Bobby Roode calls out MVP.

When we return, Roode is in the ring. He asks the crowd if there's ever been anything in their life that they would do anything to get it. That's how he felt while sitting at home suspended. Roode gives MVP to the count of 10 to meet him in the ring.

MVP beats the 10 count, but comes on stage in a wheelchair. MVP whines about Roode further injuring MVP's knee, but Roode heads up the ramp to "kick MVP's ass". Kenny King tries to attack Roode from behind but Roode ducks out of the way and then knocks King into next week.

Roode then pushes MVP and his wheelchair down the ramp and dumps him to the floor. Bobby Lashley then takes out Roode and Lashley and MVP (who miraculously is now standing on his own)beat down Roode. Eric Young makes the save until Lashley nails him with a spear.

James Storm in the back talking to Sanada about the pressure he's under to please his mentor.

Austin Aries vs Sanada for the X Division Championship

The announce team continue to discuss the ongoing talks from Storm to Sanada about the pressure he has to keep his title with Destination X just over the horizon.

Aries gets numerous near falls on Sanada. After a short Sanada come back, Aries flies from the top turnbuckle to the floor with a double ax handle to the champ to keep his momentum up.

Sanada then goes on the offensive with several high impact moves. Excellent technical wrestling from both competitors with neither person keeping the advantage for long.

Aries gives a brainbuster and Sanada barely kicks out. Then Aries hits the 450 splash for the win.

Winner of the match and new X Division Champion: Austin Aries

Back from the break, Bully Ray goes off when ask what he thinks of Rhino. Then we cut to Rhino and EC3 talking.

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