WWE SmackDown Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Rusev, Orton Vs. Jericho, AJ Lee In Action, More

WWE SmackDown Results: Roman Reigns Vs. Rusev, Orton Vs. Jericho, AJ Lee In Action, More Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
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On this date in wrestling history, Jon Moxley defeated Scotty Vortekz at CZW's 2009 "Starting Point" show, held at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Five years later, Moxley's alter-ego Dean Ambrose is living large and leaving it all behind in WWE. He made a splash on last week's SmackDown and no doubt his peers in the "E" are set for a big show tonight. This evening's show was recorded in Ottawa, Canada.

If you're watching on SyFy, no doubt you're still recovering from the last few minutes of Arachnoquake. The show opens with a recap of the ongoing quest by Seth Rollins to cash in the briefcase on John Cena at the best possible opportunity. If you missed the end of last week's show, Cena and Reigns formed a temporary alliance and mutual admiration society as Ambose chased Rollins out of the arena. Lots of players in WWE's top tier right now.

After the recap, Lana escorts Rusev to the ring area and Lana grabs a microphone to give mad props to Vladimir Putin. She says that Reigns will be proven as impotent as the leaders of Canada and the United States. Reigns comes out to the ring through the crowd, receiving a raucous reception from the live crowd. Face to face with Rusev, Reigns has a choice word or two for his sizable rival. Seems like a safe bet Reigns is honing his talking skills in his spare time. A ref arrives to officiate the action and the behemoths are ready to collide but Lana and Rusev withdraw to bide a little time. They'll meet again in the main event. Cole and JBL tout the WWE Network, mention that Orton and Y2J are set to meet later in the evening...and we have commercial sign.

Returning to the show, the guys in the truck roll footage of the Funkadactyls' nuclear meltdown and AJ skips out to mix it up with Cameron. Another recap reminds us how AJ got the strap back from Paige. Battleground will feature a rematch between the ladies for the Divas title. Cameron gets a quick leg up on Paige, putting her on the mat and trying to mess up her pretty face. No, really. Some mat-heavy work from the ladies follows with Cameron holding a clear advantage for much of the fight. She pushes AJ a bit too far though as AJ gets that all-too-familiar crazy look in her eyes and begins fighting back with a vengeance. Cameron slides out of the ring and looks like she's heading for the back but Naomi sneaks up behind her and tosses her back into the ring. AJ hits Cameron with a Shining Wizard and gets the three-count.

Result: AJ defeats Cameron by pinfall.

Backstage, Randy Orton says he'll introduce Orton to the Legend Killer and it's time for another break in the action.

After WWE pays some bills for network prime time, Fandango and Layla head out first, followed by Adam Rose, Summer Rae and a gigantic entourage full of costumed shenanigans. An interesting matchup for this contest, for sure. The match gets underway but the real action unfolds outside the ring as the ladies go at it. Fandango steps out to intervene and gets counted out, giving rose the win. Rose celebrates by hitting a shell-shocked Fandango with a Party Bomb.

Result: Adam Rose defeats Fandango via count out.

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