The July 17 episode was taped at the Manhattan Center in New York City. The show opened with the much-heralded return of the six-sided ring. Kurt Angle broke it all down in a stirring promo and he was followed by Taz who likened the current incarnation of TNA to the second coming of "extreme" in the pro wrestling business.

- Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer hit the ring, talked up the product and directed some animosity towards the Carter clan.

EC3, Rhino and Spud arrived to confront the ECW alumni and a match followed in which EC3 held his own with the vets in the ring. EC3 ended up getting the pinfall courtesy of a surprise roll-up on Dreamer.

- Kurt Angle booked Austin Aries to defend the X-Division title in an 8-man gauntlet match. Aries started off against Eddie Edwards and over the course of the next several minutes, the X-Division roster entered the ring one by one for a shot at the title. Other competitors included Manik, Zema Ion and Crazzy Steve. In the end, Aries and Sanada remained and the match was re-set as a one-fall competition. Aries ended up defeating Sanada by pinfall and the two parted amicably. After the match, Storm beat down Sanada backstage, taunting him by telling Sanada that his mentor The Great Muta was a fraud.

- MVP and Kenny King faced Eric Young and Bobby Roode in a tag match. MVP made it clear that he was competing with a torn meniscus and he actually cut his pre-match promo on crutches. It was a decent match in which Roode really stepped up and shined but it ended as a DQ when MVP used one of his crutches as a weapon. Kenny King jumped in to participate on the post-match beat down of Roode and EY.

- Madison Rayne defeated Brittany in a "No DQ" match. This was a pretty hard-hitting affair for a women's match and Brittany really showed some development, both with respect to her moves and her character. She was well-respected as an indy performer prior to her stint in TNA and now it seems as though they're letting her show more of her abilities and talent in the ring.

- Hardy challenged Lashley for the TNA heavyweight title and both men gave commendable effort to make this one entertaining. Hardy had some decent spots including a swanton bomb outside of the ring in which he hit the ring steps (turned on their side) squarely with his back, bending the crap out of the metal structure. Lashley ended up getting the pin and keeping the strap.

- The Carters came out to close the show. Dixie drew serious heel heat as she said Bully would never put her through a table adding that she was the person who was actually responsible for putting the big guy through many, many tables up to this point. Bully and Dreamer emerged from the back carrying a table that was clearly marked for Dixie's tuchus and the guys hit the ring and tossed out Rhino and EC3, as it seemed almost certain that Dixie would finally crash through some particle board by night's end. Spud offered some resistance, buying enough time for EC3 to jump back in the ring and save his auntie. As Dixie, Spud and Rhino retreated, EC3 was left in the ring to face Bully Ray…and Bully's returning partner Devon! Devon came out to the ring and the guys picked apart EC3, ultimately putting him through a table. The crowd celebrated the return of Team 3-D to TNA as the show faded to black.

All in all, it was a fun show that saw TNA hitting the "reset" button once more…with some encouraging results.

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