Superstars opens with Naomi making her entrance. Tom Phillips and Renee Young are on commentary.

Naomi vs. Rosa Mendes

Mendes backs Naomi to the ropes. She slaps Naomi in the chest. Naomi kicks Mendes and hits an arm drag. She dropkicks Mendes, who rolls out of the ring. Mendes gets back inside, and Naomi goes for a pin. She elbows Mendes in the head. Naomi tries to kick Mendes from the apron, but Mendes shoves her to the floor. Mendes goes outside and stomps on Naomi. She sends Naomi back inside. Mendes slams Naomi's head into the mat. She hits Naomi with a vertical suplex and chokes her on the middle rope.

Mendes locks Naomi's arms around her neck. Naomi gets free, but Mendes clubs her in the back of the neck. Mendes hits a side slam for a near pin fall. She locks Naomi's arms back around her neck. Naomi kicks Mendes out of the ring. Naomi slides at Mendes. Mendes catches her and goes for another side slam, this time on the outside, but Naomi counters into a hurricanrana. Naomi tosses Mendes inside. Naomi goes for a backslide pin attempt, but Mendes kicks out. Naomi hits Mendes with a pair of dropkicks.

Naomi goes for the split-legged moonsault, but Mendes moves and Naomi crashes. Mendes tries to attack, but Naomi grabs her and hits an inverted DDT for the win.

Winner: Naomi

Back from commercial and the debate between Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, and Lana and Rusev from RAW is shown. Then, after another commercial break, the segment between Chris Jericho and the Wyatts from RAW is shown.

After yet another commercial break, and R Truth makes his entrance with Xavier Woods.

Ryback (with Curtis Axel) vs. R Truth (with Xavier Woods)

They lock up, and Ryback backs Truth to the corner. They shove each other. Truth hits a big right hand that knocks Ryback down. Ryback knees Truth in the stomach and clubs his back. He takes Truth to the mat. Ryback hits a shoulder tackle and a hip toss. He goes for a standing leg drop, but Truth moves and kicks Ryback in the head. Truth drops a leg on Ryback. Ryback charges Truth, and Truth pulls the ropes down. Ryback crashes outside as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Truth hits a drop toehold. Ryback comes back with knees to the chest. He stomps on Truth's back. Ryback kicks Truth in the corner. Ryback chops Truth. He power whips Truth into a corner. Ryback hits a headlock takedown. Truth gets free, but Ryback body slams him. He goes up top for a splash, but Truth puts his boots up. Truth hits several elbows to the head. Ryback kicks Truth. Truth hits a pair of clotheslines and a spinning heel kick. Truth hits the scissors kick for a near pin fall.

Truth goes up top. He leaps off and hits Ryback with a missile dropkick. Truth charges Ryback in the corner, and Ryback puts his boot up. Ryback goes up top. He leaps off for a splash, but Truth moves and attacks Ryback. Truth charges at Ryback, and Ryback counters into a spine buster. Ryback signals for the meat hook clothesline and hits it. Ryback hits shell shocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback

Back from commercial and a video recapping the buildup to the main event of Battleground this weekend is shown to end the show.

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