WWE SmackDown Results: Ambrose Vs. Kane, Ziggler & Sheamus Vs. Fandango & Miz, More

WWE SmackDown Results: Ambrose Vs. Kane, Ziggler & Sheamus Vs. Fandango & Miz, More Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
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Tonight's show was taped in Fayetteville, North Carolina. On this date in wrestling history in 1987, Dusty Rhodes defeated Tully Blanchard in a "Lights Out" barbed wire/ladder match at NWA's Great American Bash. Titans they were, maybe someday they'll be mentioned in the same breath as some of this evening's biggest attractions, including Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.

Dean Ambrose kicks off the show strolling to the ring in what looks like the coolest Members Only jacket ever scored from a Fayetteville thrift store. The beatdown he received from Rollins, Kane and Orton is reviewed for posterity and then the Lunatic Fringe gets the mic. He tells everyone that Seth isn't that good and then asks rhetorically if Rollins and company are the best the Authority has to offer. Ambrose doesn't want to wait until Battleground to mix it up. Rollins offers a rebuttal from the safety of the Tron and then explains that he tweaked his knee on Monday and isn't medically cleared. As a consolation, Rollins tells Ambrose that he will have a match tonight but it's against Kane. Cole and JBL tell us Jericho is facing Luke Harper later tonight, they plug Battleground and it's time for some important messages.

WWE returns from the break informing us that "last Friday, more viewers watched SmackDown than any other show on cable TV." It wouldn't hurt to believe that the top-notch coverage from WrestlingINC.com has some small part in that kind of success, eh? Fandango and The Miz are up next for a tag match against Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler. Seems like an odd group in concept but there are a lot of possibilities for this one. WWE staff remind us that Sheamus and The Miz crossed swords on this week's Main Event and The Miz got the short end of that particular stick. Ziggler and Miz get it on first and JBL relentlessly plays up the "moneymaker" moniker that's now attached to the face of The Miz. After Miz steps out, Fandango and Ziggler fight for a hot minute and then Sheamus gets the tag. The men trade offense a few times and Ziggler and Sheamus end up tossing their opponents outside and we have commercial sign…

Once the action is rejoined, Fandango appears to have gained a slight edge on Sheamus. The Miz gets a tag and holds his own against his the big Irish dude, eventually tagging Fandango in. Fandango, and then Miz once again, pick apart Sheamus until the spectral Superman gets a tag. Ziggler cleans house, puts the moves to Miz and eventually gets the pin after Sheamus thwarts some interference by Fandango.

Result: Ziggler and Sheamus defeat The Miz and Fandango by pinfall.

Backstage, Nikki Bella is shown making her way to the Gorilla position wearing a referee shirt. JBL wonders aloud why she's wearing ref togs, prompting many viewers to wonder if he skipped rehearsal today. More to come after a smattering of food and alcohol advertisements.

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