Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson to promote the upcoming NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte. Here are some highlights:

Being a Horseman:

"Being a Horseman isn't something you put on in the morning and take off at night. It's a state of mind. It's excelling to the best of your ability. It's four individuals thinking singularly, acting collectively."

Learning from Tully Blanchard and JJ Dillon:

"I learned from them. Both of them, in their own way, were a lot better than I was. I was very fortunate and very lucky to have been in their presence. There was a time that - I don't think, I know - we were the best in the world. And I have no problem saying that. It was each man carrying his own weight. J.J. was a smart man, a great talker, a great organizer. Tully was a great performer - as good as anybody out there - and a great partner. So it was a very special time, and it will be great to relive that at this event. It will be a celebration of just that."

What might have been if he would have been able to continuing competing:

"I would think for sure I would have had at least five more years. Without the last neck injury, even running on fumes for the first two, I could have gotten by. But who knows? Maybe 10 more years. Thirty-seven is not that old. The crazy thing is that I had those terrible neck injuries, and I wasn't one to come off the top (rope). I really feel for these guys today."

Working with Dolph Ziggler, who he says has potential to be a top WWE money maker and is one of the best in the business:

"Dolph has got to be one of the toughest men to put on a pair of boots. But he's going to be like Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) in another five years because that kid beats his body up more than anybody on the crew. I do know this. In my dealings with him, when I'm his producer, he gives everything he's got. He does some really phenomenal, athletic stuff."

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