- TechCrunch has posted a first-look video at the new Levi's Stadium, home of WWE's WrestleMania 31, as seen above.

- Sean "X-Pac" Waltman weighed in on The Wyatt Family getting heel heat on his Twitter this morning:

"I'm watching Usos vs Harper/Rowan.So far it's everything a hell of a tag match should be. Loved the1st fall finish right out of the hot tag. Harper's timing is really good. Nice job filling space. Usos vs Harper/Rowan was excellent. I give Usos extra credit for having to be baby faces against Wyatt Family-Bray, which I can't label heel"

"The Wyatt act is too hot to be booed. If you're looking for real heel heat, the heels can't do sweet ass suicide dives & double superplexes. But right about now F the pure heel heat;). I'd rather have an act that's that over on my roster than a team that are 'Really good heels'!"

- WWE's website has a new poll asking fans if Dean Ambrose should have been allowed to compete at Battleground last night. With over 11,000 votes, 86% have voted, "Definitely. It was hypocritical of Triple H to eject Dean Ambrose after Kane and Seth Rollins' backstage attack on Ambrose on Raw went unpunished." The rest voted, "No way. Dean Ambrose was out of line and should have waited for his match before going after Seth Rollins."

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