I recently spoke with former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay. In the second and final part of the interview below, Brodus talks about his time in WWE, people moving down the ladder in WWE, John Cena saving his WrestleMania 28 appearance, pay-per-view payoffs, TNA and more.

Click here for part one of the interview, where Brodus talks about getting his start with WWE, watching wrestling growing up, Tommy Dreamer's influence, his first WWE release and his return, NXT, his debut constantly being pushed back and more.

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Wrestling INC: It felt like you were moving upward with the win streak going, and then you moved down the card once The Big Show feud started. Fans get invested in a character then they suddenly get moved down the ladder such as with Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. Does creative tell you why this is happening, or do you go to TV and they say, "tonight you lose in 90 seconds?"

Brodus Clay: I can only speak from my experience and one of the things I could have done better was talk to creative. I should have talked to them more than I did. I would speak when spoken to and the same goes for football. Some guys are vocal and can build better relationships. I talked to the agents and they said you're not a main event guy or you need to be patient. I talked to Road Dogg, "Big" [John Gaburick], Arn Anderson, and Dean Malenko. Whoever was in charge of me that day, that's how I managed myself. I think it's a case-by-case scenario. It felt weird talking to creative on my part. I carry myself where I speak when spoken to. It's good and bad.

Wrestling INC: The Big Show and Mark Henry have been around for a long time. It seems like WWE haven't properly booked a monster heel in a while. Do you think the company is missing out by not having a new monster heel?

Clay: The company decides in what direction they want to go. I worked hard to try and put myself in that position, but it wasn't in the cards for me. I had a very good babyface run, but establishing a monster heel - which I think I would have excelled at - and a poor WrestleMania track record is a hard pill to swallow. I thought the heel turn started with the R-Truth matches. It didn't work out, but I have that opportunity now. It can blow up and people can say the WWE was wrong or it fizzles and the WWE knew what they were doing. The WWE chapter of my life was great and I'm excited about the opportunities out there. I'm excited that the opportunities are interested in me. It's nice to be a free agent and taking nonstop bookings. The spectacle of the WWE with the titantron and pyro may not be there, but there are close opportunities.

Wrestling INC: You mentioned your WrestleMania track record. Your WrestleMania 28 scene was almost cut, but John Cena prevented that from occurring. Is that what happened?

Clay: He had to go to the bathroom. We were in the gorilla position and it looked like the segment was getting cut. Cena goes, 'I'm going to the bathroom. Brodus, what do you think like eight minutes?' Worked for me and I will never forget that. It was the classiest thing for a guy who was getting ready for the then biggest match of his career. I've never said we were best friends. We talked about lifting weights, what's going on in sports, and work. That was truly my greatest moment in sports entertainment. I wouldn't have had that moment without Cena.

Wrestling INC: When you and Tensai split, did you see that coming or was it a last minute decision by creative?

Clay: I thought there was a direction because Tons of Funk had started to gain momentum. It was also frustrating because we wanted a title shot and they wanted a little more. It didn't work out. The frustration that was going on came out in my character. Every week you didn't know what was going to happen and ultimately that's what did us in. I went after Xavier Woods, T-Truth, Tensai, and then I was used sporadically. Fan-wise, they seemed to like it and I had these promos to set me apart. It didn't pan out and my days were numbered at that point.

Wrestling INC: WrestleMania 30 was your last televised WWE appearance, outside of NXT. Is that correct?

Clay: Yes.

Wrestling INC: I know there's been a lot of concern about pay-per-view and WWE Network payoffs. Since it's been a few months, have you heard anything in that regard?

Clay: From what I understand, nothing changes. I haven't seen any different pay from the pay-per-view. The logic behind the WWE Network would be to have a consistent flow of revenue, as opposed to sporadic. It might look smaller, but there's more flow - which leads me to believe payouts will be bigger. That's not really my concern since I'm no longer with the company.

Wrestling INC: Are you currently on a non-compete clause?

Clay: Yea, like 90 days. The WWE said to let them know what I was going to do and they would handle it on a case-by-case basis. 75% of the time I can do what I want. Anyway, September is right around the corner.

Wrestling INC: What are your thoughts on TNA?

Clay: I have friends who work there. I think TNA is going through a change and change is good. I think they're going to be alright. They have Kurt Angle, Abyss, Bobby Roode, and James Storm who have been in the title picture for a while and are solid. There's Bully Ray, The Hardy Boyz, MVP, Bobby Lashley, and lots of other talent. There are lots of guys I look forward to working with at some point.

Wrestling INC: In the meantime, you are taking independent bookings. How can promoters get in touch with you?

Clay: They can hit me up on Twitter at @BrodusClay. I'll send it to my manager and we can work something out.

Wrestling INC: I appreciate your time. Is there anything else you would like to plug?

Clay: I'm doing the Fit Camp Meals' 40 pound challenge at fitcampmeals.com and they have some good programs. They helped me cut 170 pounds while keeping muscle, which is extremely hard to do during training and dieting. I got the dolphin project coming up in September. We're going to Japan to protest the killing of the dolphins. I've got a bunch of matches scheduled for July, August, and September. I'll keep everyone informed on Twitter.

Wrestling INC: Was the upcoming dolphin protest something you had wanted to do for a while?

Clay: My whole life. I'm a huge fan of the Nature Channel programs. Marine biology was something I was into during high school and the beginning of college. Because of sports, I wasn't able to follow it and had to move on. It has always been on my bucket list to be a part of one. Being in the WWE, The Funkasaurus and the name Brodus Clay has almost crossed over in an underground-mainstream type of way. I reached out and they quickly got back to me. I'm friends with the president of the organization—meeting at firehouses for lunch. I don't fit the bill of the normal advocate. I'm very excited to be a part of it.

Click here for the first part of the interview, where Brodus talks about getting his start with WWE, watching wrestling growing up, Tommy Dreamer's influence, his first WWE release and his return, NXT, his debut constantly being pushed back and more.

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